The Archives: NAGS The Blue Ghost Tunnel

The Niagara Amateur Ghost Seekers (NAGS) investigates the Blue Ghost Tunnel aka BGT in Thorold Ontario. A news reporter is also along for the investigation.

Notes from GhostBoy:

This was my first visit as NAGS team member to the ever-famous Blue Ghost Tunnel. We had acquired expressed written permission from the Seaway Authority to be on the private property and conduct an investigation. Joining us was Petr Cihacek, a reporter with the Niagara News. This was his first visit to the tunnel and his first ghost investigation.

As we arrived there were already two groups of people descending into the tunnel or just about to. I always find it interesting that visitors go into the tunnel stick around for a few minutes and then walk out expecting a paranormal encounter to occur. They do not take the time, nor execute an investigation in a way that is respectful or tactical. Ghosts simply do not show up, wave a big “Hello” and then send you on your merry way. I am not saying I know the right way, but I know a way that works for me.

We allowed the other groups to go in and out and as another group exited I entered the tunnel alone. I made myself known of who I was and what I was there for. I immediately could feel something, but could not figure out what it was.

The team then joined and we walked the length of the tunnel and noted that it has deterieted rapidly since my last visit. The tunnel it appears, will not last more than three winters. It will simply collapse under the stress of time and water erosion.

We decided to kill our lights and enter into a circle and try to communicate with the ghosts that reside in the tunnel. At first we started off generically asking questions and talking openly with the spirits. I then wanted to see if we could speak directly with the two firemen, who past on due to the collision of the trains outside of the tunnel. I called out for Charles Horning and tried to communicate with him. I didn’t get anything, nor felt anything at this time. Other team members replied that they had the same feelings. I then tried again for Abraham Desult and again, I did not feel nor sense that this spirit was here. In my opinion, these two gentlemen died, moved on and do not haunt the tunnel.

When we asked further questions Naz saw movement behind me and I also felt as if there was something behind me about 10-20 feet. Naz indicated that it was closer. At this time several EVPs were recorded and several team members heard distinctive voices (mostly female) coming from each end of the tunnel. The voices were not recognizable, however, they only occurred after a question was asked.

We then moved down towards the exit of the tunnel and conducted another attempt to communicate with whatever spirit that was at this end of the tunnel. Again, we could hear voices, but could not make them out. Several EVPs were captured at this location as well. I tried to communicate with the names I previously recorded by Pauline Raby during the work we were doing for Shadows of Niagara, but none of the communication attempts with these names were conclusive.

I decided it was perhaps a good idea to split our team up. I don’t know why I did, but I asked Dr. Gord to join me back at the first location we were at. At this location Dr. Gord had his own experiences which I will allow him to explain. At this location I could feel a cold spot in front of Dr. Gord. I also picked up the name of “Carrie” and that this ghost was looking for its mother. Naz joined us and indicated he picked up the name “Margaret” – I could attribute this name to the mother. It was like a recognition to the ghost. Naz confirmed he could feel the cold spot in front of Dr. Gord and indicated he could see something around his hand. Further questioning of the ghost of “Carrie” determined that the spirit is stuck in the tunnel. The words “Evil Bastard” also came forward. Perhaps this spirit is being held against its will by another.

In several of the communication attempts I asked how many spirits were present or in the tunnel and the number seven was coming forward clearly. At the front of the tunnel, again, Dr. Gord had an experience and I could feel what he was feeling. Naz confirmed the cold spot that we both felt.

At this time I asked both Dr. Gord and Naz concentrate on the spirit and ask how they died. I wrote down the words “Choked” on my pad of paper. I asked Naz and he said he couldn’t give me an answer. Dr. Gord said, “Strangled,” and I showed him the pad of paper and he looked dumbfounded. Independently, without knowing each others thoughts we both came to the conclusion that this ghost died of some sort of strangulation.

We then discussed the tunnels history and our experiences in the tunnel with Petr Cihacek and we concluded our night investigation of the Blue Ghost Tunnel.

Notes from Dr. Gord:

The NAGS Team accompanied with Petr, a local reporter for the Niagara News, went for an investigation to the Blue Ghost Tunnel. Upon meeting at a close destination, we all piled in to vehicles and with our trusty LEGAL WAIVER in hand, we set off for the tunnel at top speed. Arriving at the tunnel, we waited outside while some local tourists explored the tunnel for themselves as we wanted to investigate in peace and quiet with little to no interruptions. After the tourists left, we ventured in as a group with cameras and recorders in hand. Upon arriving at the section just before the waterfall, which on a side note appears to be the beginning of the end for the old BGT, we gathered in a circle and attempted to communicate with the spirits that are said to reside there. John called out to the two boiler men that died in the train wreck to which we got no response. Upon uttering a general question a faint female voice could be heard from the end of tunnel.

Asking it to be louder the voice grew in strength but still was unclear, at this point; yours truly accredited it to the water droplets falling at the right time. Watching Petr scribble notes like a madman kept me fascinated as I tried to figure out the sounds in my head. We then moved as a group to just outside the trusses and again attempted communication. Nothing could be heard physically but upon examining my tape I got some real good evp’s which will posted later this week. We then split up in to two groups. John and I went back to the first location and the rest went to the entrance of the tunnel. It was here that the fun began.

Now being the resident skeptic I have always downplayed the paranormal activity in the BGT until this night as stuff happened I still cannot explain. John called out to the spirits to communicate with us. All of a sudden I became very very cold. Thinking it was just a breeze being in a tunnel in all you would think that, so in true skeptical behavior I put my arm out to the left, it was cool but not as cold. I did the same thing on the right and the same result. It was then that a vision popped in my head of a little girl to which I described to John as a girl aged 10 – 12, out 5ft tall with long locky light brown hair, dressed in a brown dress with a white apron head piece. I could see it clear as day in my head and I chocked it up to imagination but something happened later that would question this. Steve then approached and the cold dissipated, John informed the spirit not to be afraid and it came back. Steve concurred that he too could feel the cold spot in front of me. I began to feel emotional of lost, sad and lonely and it was then that Steve got the name MARGARET. This would not prove anything to me except this 5 foot tall cold spot in front of me. It was then that we said our goodbyes and turned and headed for the exit of the tunnel. I kept getting this message that I was not wanted to leave but shrugged it off as active imagination. Exiting the tunnel we as a group hung around and answered Petr’s questions but still I was drawn to the tunnel. Steve asked me what I was feeling and I said I felt that something did not want me to leave. Taking two steps back in to the tunnel there was a significant temperature drop, Steve called John over who again concurred the difference. It was then that the freakiest thing happened to me. John asked me to in my head ask how she died and he would write down what he got. In my head I saw a man dressed in black jump her and strangle her to death. When John asked me what I saw I told him strangulation, he then showed me his piece of paper with the word “CHOKE” on it. Of all the ways you could died, it puzzled me that they matched. All in all was a very eventful night for yours truly and the whole NAGS Team.

Notes from nAz:

This was my first investigation of the tunnel with NAGS & my first time at the tunnel at night. I’ve been to the tunnel before during the day, but never at night, so I was looking forward to it. Also a NAGS first, a newspaper reporter for the Niagara News, Petr C. joined us.

As we were walking to the Tunnel, 3 people joined up. They didn’t have flashlights, so we showed them the way. As we got down the hill to the tunnel, several other people were coming the other way to the tunnel, so we let both groups go through as to not interfere with our investigation. Like the Screaming Tunnel, people seem to think that something paranormal is going to happen just because they take a quick walkthrough…

After the sightseers left, we entered the tunnel. As a group, we got down the tunnel to the 8th support truss. The tunnel after the 8th truss is leaking water very badly. Time has finally taken it’s toll on the Tunnel.

As a group we turned off the lights and stood in a circle to start attempting communication with the spirit’s there. GhostBoy was calling on specific spirits. He attempted communication with the two fireman who perished because of the train collision outside of the tunnel and also called on the names of the spirit’s that Pauline Raby had determined to be there during his investigation for Shadows of Niagara.

While in this circle, we as a group, heard these loud “booms” that seemed to be coming from the tunnel. Some of these noises almost appeared “thunder” like. It was interesting.

During the circle, I noticed movement towards the entrance to the tunnel. It seemed like that movement was coming towards us. At one point I squatted down & felt something brush past me, between the wall and I. Kevin and several members of the group also heard what sounded like a girl crying and talking.

We moved further down the Tunnel towards the exit and started another circle. Again, we could hear voices.

After attempting to communicate with the spirits in the Tunnel in the second circle, GhostBoy stated we should split up into two teams. GhostBoy and Dr. Gord went back to the original location, while Kevin, Makeajazznoise, Petr and I went closer to the entrance. Near the entrance I distinctly noted the presence of a spirit and started asking questions. Here is where I got an evp of a spirit answering me.

Kevin, Makeajazznoise & Petr exited the tunnel while I went to check on Dr. Gord & GhostBoy.

Upon joining GhostBoy & Dr. Gord, I could feel cold spots right in front of Dr.Gord. I was actually able for the first time, pick up a name of a spirit. I got the name “Margaret”. Also, while I was holding the recorder, I could see movement around it! I t was almost like my hand & the red light from the recorder was blinking on & off.

After we left the Tunnel, I noticed Dr. Gord standing just a couple of feet inside holding his hand out and snapping pictures with the other. I joined him and immediately noticed cold spots in front of Dr. Gord and myself. I called GhostBoy over to help investigate. He asked us both to ask the spirit how it died. At the same time, I got this strong impression that the spirits were detained or held against their will in the Tunnel itself. I was shocked! When GhostBoy asked us to ask the spirit that question, I couldn’t answer but Dr.Gord answered choked. It was then that GhostBoy showed Dr. Gord his notes and they confirmed with each other “strangulation”.

Why are these spirit’s in the Tunnel? There is nothing on record (that we know of) of deaths inside the Tunnel. Why did GhostBoy and I both get the feeling at different times that they (spirit’s) are being contained in the tunnel? This is something worth checking into in the future. Hopefully we’ll solve the puzzle before the deterioration of the Tunnel is complete.

Notes from David:

Well. it was our first visit with the current group of N.A.G.S. team members to the B.G.T. I have been to this locale numerous times with various combinations of people... but this was the first time I went on a proper investigation. This was at the request of Petr Cichacek, a writer for a local newspaper, who wishes to write a story on the tunnel. Most of our current team members, myself included, have stated that prior visits lacked any significant paranormal events. I thank Petr for requesting we do this, as we had kind of disregarded the B.G.T. as a team... and the night turned into yet another noteworthy N.A.G.S. outing.

We arrived at the Grand Trunk Railway tunnel at approximately 9pm, amongst two other groups on their way into to tunnel. The N.A.G.S. team and Petr hung back and allowed the other groups to proceed which gave us a chance to advise Petr a little of what our group does and on the history of the tunnel. Once we proceeded into the tunnel it completely dark outside. We entered with magnetic tape recorders, digital cameras, an electro-magnetic field detector and notepads. The EMF detector went off a lot on this night, and all of us captured EVPs as well. I have seen at least one interesting picture from this night, and since I didnt have a camera with me on this night Im eager to see the investigation pictures myself!

Sad but true...the tunnels decay is more apparent with every visit, it doesn't appear it will last another year. The instability of the ceiling kept us from going all the way in. We would have needed rubber boots and rain jackets/hoods. We gathered as a group and attempted to make contact about halfway in... after backing up from the noise of the water closer to the end. If any EVPs were to be captured on this night we had to step back. During our session I audibly heard distant voices. They were unclear, but they were in time to our attempts to communicate. I felt a cold tingling sensation on my right arm and right side of my neck at one point... but otherwise I personally had no other contact to report from this evening. I do know that others had more intimate contacts on this night, and I look forward to reading the others' reports... as well as Petr's article in the Niagara News.

Note from Kevin:

I have to admit this was one of my most rewarding trips to the tunnel. I have been on several occasions in the past, during the day, night, winter, and I have experienced minimal paranormal activity.

The N.A.G.S. team, with granted permission and armed with signed waivers from the St. Lawrence Seaway escorted reporter Petr C. a reporter from the Niagara News Thorold edition to the well known Blue Ghost Tunnel aka Grand Trunk Railway Tunnel.

Once we got all of our equipment organized and the tunnel was clear of other visitors, we all trekked in as a team. We made it up to the area where the water leaks from the roof, and decided that the noise of the water would compromise any EVPs that may be caught on tape, so it was decided to move closer to the West entrance, just far enough away so the water wouldn't be a problem.

We formed a circle, and right away heard a loud rumbling, almost sounding like thunder; this repeated a couple times, I personally don't have an explanation for this. Once we turned of all our lights, John started asking questions, trying to get some spirit activity to contact us. John and I both hear foot steps in the distance on the wood floor, closer to the water, I asked if whatever was there could move closer, and hear the mumbles of what sounded like a young girl. John and I asked questions back and forth, David and nAz also tossed in some questions. What got my attention the most was the sound of crying from this young female, and as soon as I heard that, John asked the question, "Why are you sad" this leads me to believe that we both heard the same thing.

After a few more moments, the teams split up. David, nAz, Petr, and I headed toward the West Entrance, stopped for a few more moments of recording and headed out of the tunnel to discuss things with Petr.

Gord and John headed towards the East Entrance and as you can see by Gord and John’s notes, it was very eventful.

EVPs Recorded:


1. Female voice answers "Yes", after the drop of water is heard. DOWNLOAD

2. A childs voice heard calling "Help" DOWNLOAD

3. After asking the spirits to make there presence known a loud "Knock...Knock" is heard on tape but not on location. DOWNLOAD

4. John asks the spirit a question and gets a male voice responding with "Near end...flood or blood". DOWNLOAD

5. Male voice stating "What is this". DOWNLOAD

6. Same distinct "Knock...Knock" as above but on a different recorder. DOWNLOAD

7. Appears to be a male voice stating "Hear a voice" DOWNLOAD

8. Very loud sounding "Hello" DOWNLOAD

9. Male voice can be heard saying "Hey now" DOWNLOAD

The Archives: NAGS Decou House Ruins

The Niagara Amateur Ghost Seekers (NAGS) investigated the Decou House Ruins. This would be the last investigation as the original team.

Notes from GhostBoy:

This was one of many visits to the Decew House Ruins and probably one of the most interesting for myself.

Steve and I arrived early to the site and remained in the vehicle. It was especially dark, however, we both could see some movement out and around the vehicle. Once we stepped outside I could feel something go up my back and to the top of my head. The top of my head felt numb and it tingled for a few seconds.

Steve indicated he could see specks of light and I, too, could see these. We tried to find a logical explanation such as leaves reflecting light falling from the trees. We weren’t satisfied with any answer and noticed that the lights went up on occasion and sometimes whooshed about.

Kevin, Dave and Gord arrived and the feelings and movements almost dissipated. We continued into the house via the backdoor and felt out the area. We made a brief circle but I broke off because I was sensing something happening at the back of the house. I lit my conch shell and presented white sage as an offering and cleansing. We all took part in this impromptu native ceremony.

I also brought along an oval mirror to attempt scrying. I asked Steve if he would like to try first and he did. I went to explore the property and met with Gord who was in the back of house sitting on the triangular rock. I could sense movement, but nothing much more.

I was the next to try the scrying, and when I compared notes with Steve some of the events that happened during the scrying were eerily similar.

Dave then indicated he could see a young girl looking into the window. The name “Emily” stuck with me. I then proceeded to interview the team individually for a video for the web site. At this time Dave brought me to a site where he said he had a vision of a woman doing laundry. When he described it I could smell soap. We explored but did not find anything more.

Steve and I continued to follow the back trail where we sensed movement and we tried to communicate with the spirits of the natives. Steve recorded the whole event.

I concluded the night with a very uplifting feeling and my scrying attempt proved interesting. I was shown things that made it very enjoyable. It wasn’t a scary location, nor did I feel fear. I simply felt satisfied afterward. Personal answers were given during this investigation that meant a lot to me.

Notes from nAz:

GhostBoy and I rode to the Decew House together. As we waited for the rest of the team to arrive we kept noticing activity (movement) near the vehicle and in the parking lot.

After watching for some time I decided to have a cigarette outside of GhostBoy’s car. I stood near the field with my back to the parking lot. We kept noticing small “pin” lights randomly around the field. I don’t know if it’s too late for fireflies, but it may be that, fireflies.

As I finished my cigarette I got this strong impression of “native” and a presence drawn to the tobacco. This is promising to be an active night.

The rest of the NAGS team arrived, we said our hello’s and got right to it. GhostBoy brought a mirror with a wooden frame for scrying and white sage to burn for cleansing & for the spirit.

While the team was getting ready to start GhostBoy lit the white sage & we all “washed” with the smoke. I saw activity near the back of the property & started to feel what was there. GhsotBoy brought the mirror out with a candle and asked me if I wanted to give scrying a try.

I saw down at the entrance of the ruins & started to meditate on the mirror. Before I begin explaining what happened let me say I must attempt this with no one around to distract. Camera flashes and cars going by interrupted me several times. Ok, back to the mirror. Once, the entire mirror went black. Next I saw my face and from the top of my eyes down past my chin, my face looked like it was painted black. Just the outside edges of my face was still white. Another time it looked like my head was a skull. After another distraction, it appeared that I was looking at my face in the water, there was a rippled effect, it cleared, then I saw what appeared to be several cuts on my forehead and face. I actually reached up and touched my forehead to see. What these visions mean, I don’t know. I just know what I saw. This is something for me to try another time!

After my scrying attempt, I went into the field and walked over to the triangular stone. I felt the native presence again and offered some of my tobacco to the spirits. I could feel activity in the field behind me so I sat down on the rock and asked them to present themselves. I let them know that I meant them no harm & that I was there to honor them. Shortly after I said that I got a vision of a wolf jumping out of the bush straight at me. I again thanked the spirits and left.

GhostBoy interviewed the Team on video & Makeajazznoise shared with us a vision he had. I’ll let him explain what he saw.

After the interviews were finished GhostBoy and I were drawn to the path that leads to the river. Walking along the path I stopped to figure out the feeling I got that that spot. GhostBoy was looking behind us and mentioned activity behind us like we were being followed. I could sense it as well & figured out what the feeling around me was. Village or camp. Native, not “white”. GhostBoy and I started to speak to the spirits present again and both of us heard what sounded like “jingling” or tack from a horse.

I have been to Decew house on several occasions. Because of these investigations, I have formulated this opinion. The remains of the house and surrounding property are active, but the spirits there are reserved.

Notes from David:

An impromptu, unexpected investigation led to one of the most interesting experiences I’ve ever had on one of our outings.

Upon arrival we had some out of the ordinary things planned for the night, and we did our typical “circle” earlier in the investigation than we normally would. During the circle my attention kept being drawn to an area towards the northwest corner of the remains. Once we broke up, the various team members took turns sitting with a mirror while the others roamed the grounds. I went to the area, approximately 5 feet from the west wall and 8-20 feet from the north wall, numerous times. Each time I felt a tingling sensation, and oddly, was compelled to lean forward whenever I stood there. I also got a sense of a teenage girl peering into what was once a window scared by what she saw. This was all within the structure.

I eventually began touring the grounds surrounding the remains. I remained fascinated with the window I had sensed the girl at, but got nothing from the outside of the building when out front or to the west side. I went back through the structure and repeated my tingling and leaning forward sensation… and when I went through to the back little did I realize I was about to walk into one of my most memorable N.A.G.S. experiences.

As I walked past the east wall of the building I actually had a vision. For a brief moment it was daylight, I saw from behind between two trees a woman hunched over something. She raised both arms up and was stretching them out and I could hear water dripping as if into a bucket. The vision dissipated, and while I was processing what had happened I asked Kevin if he heard water dripping. He discarded it as the wind whistling, I quickly disputed that and walked to the running stream to see if that possibly could have been what I heard… but it was at least 150-200 yards away. I went back to the area and realized that it was between two old trees. There was also an area surrounded by stonework which we speculated may have had a well in the centre at one point in time.

What I saw and the sound is burned into my mind. I briefly saw a woman hunched over, doing laundry by hand. She was between 2 trees in which a line could have been stretched for drying. It only lasted a second, but Im still astounded – where did that come from?!

The Archives: NAGS Keefer Mansion

The Niagara Amateur Ghost Seekers (NAGS) investigated the Keefer Mansion in Thorold, Ontario. Below are the results of that investigation. In attendence was Elvis Podvorac of the future The Shadows Project and The Cogeco New Team.

Watch the Video Here:

Notes from GhostBoy:

This was my fourth visit to Maplehurst Mansion, which is now known as The Keefer Mansion Inn, an upcoming tourist destination and bed and breakfast.

As we pulled into the driveway I could sense the energy of this grand 33-room home situated high above the town of Thorold and overlooking he Welland Canal. As we exited the vehicles and approached the home I could see movement through the windows on the third floor. Several in our group commented that those windows in particular draw their eyes and some claimed to see movement.

As the group milled about the exterior of the home I felt uneasy and sick to my stomach. I could smell horse flesh and something more, but I couldn’t define it. In the front of the home, my eyes caught movement once again within the home. Elvis said he saw something to and confirmed what I was seeing.

I once again went around the side of the home which faces West. There I looked up at the third floor windows once again and saw two figures looking down. Once was a child of sorts, or at least smaller than the other. The other was larger and more curious and continued to watch my movements for some time. I felt really uneasy and then joined the group.

At this time both the accompanying film crew and Phil Ritchie of Keefer Developments arrived and we proceeded into the front door. Mr. Ritchie flicked on the old fashioned gas lamps on the exterior of the house, giving us a feeling of times forgotten. He also indicated that they were having electrical problems on the second floor and that some of the lights were not functioning. It is ironic, because on previous investigations with Pauline Raby for the book Shadows of Niagara, the second floor proved to be the most active. Kevin, before I had joined the Niagara Amateur Ghost Seekers had explained to me that he, too, had the same experiences in the same rooms on the second floor.

Naz proceeded to speak on camera to the film crew and then I took the film crew on a small tour throughout the house and explained the basics of ghost hunting. I also had to dispel rumours of an insane asylum, a full morgue in the basement and other exaggerations about the home.

The crew seemed very nervous to be in the home and were very jumpy. I left them on the second floor and proceeded downstairs to join the group. I found them in the front right parlour and Elvis kept going in a motion around the room. I began to do a similar pattern and also spun on my heels a few times. I had the impression of dancing and Elvis and Naz both said they felt a similar feeling.

The second parlour facing west offered something different and rather repulsive. There was the smell of feces that did not remain in one part of the area. It seemed to travel about. Someone indicated that perhaps the spirit was sick. At this time the smell intensified.

Looking for a logical explanation we checked the washrooms that did not have this smell. We continued to smell the odour in different part of this large room, and then suddenly it was gone.

As I exited the parlour I glanced up at the stairs and on the landing I saw movement. I began taking pictures. At this time my camera, which had fresh batteries was drained of power. The one/off switch (not easily flicked by mistake) was constantly turning off. Then the power just died. I got a total of three pictures the whole night. We remained staring and concentrating on the main stair case and then I decided to go up. There I sensed a female energy, one that was cautious, but very welcoming and warm. At a certain location on the steps the warm feeling of getting hugged and encouraged was present.

I continued through the main hallway on the second floor and sat down at the window bench overlooking the front of the house. The film crew had made their exit and the team came up the steps. As I sat there I received the words “Pancreatic Cancer”. I began to question this but did not get a response. I then proceeded to go into the bedroom on the east side of the front of the house. Here I encountered once again the spirit who was most strong in my investigations with Pauline Raby for Shadows of Niagara. This time I felt the same feelings but got a little more information. I felt a soldier, a veteran of the Second World War. I asked his name and rank and got no response but could plainly see a man who was proud, demanded respect, felt depressed and wondered about his fate. I could see his pants and boots and even made the motion of keeping my heels together and marching. It felt like this spirit was of the German army and most likely was here when the home was a place for the elderly.

We continued towards the back room, where again in previous investigations felt a very strong energy. This time was not much different. At one point I asked Kevin to turn off his halogen headlamp because I thought it was distracting. He said OK and reached up to turn it off but it was already off. Kevin said, “Did you just see that too?” and indicated he thought his lamp was on also. I witnessed a light source curve around Elvis and whoosh off. Kevin didn’t remain in this room long and exited.

The third floor was interesting as we were to meet up with a very interesting spirit. I could sense a child as did Pauline Raby on a previous investigation. I had the overwhelming feeling of playing games and tricks on the NAGS crew. I crawled inside a small closet and poked my head out and then scared Elvis at one time. I was almost encouraged to do this and indicated that the closet area was a “naughty” room.

We continued to investigate and I followed Elvis into an adjoining room to the closet. Here Elvis sensed someone hiding and I could sense it too a child again. I looked up and saw a good place to hide – another small level on the top area of the room. Elvis lifted me up and I could see a child up here and felt for a floor. There was a good 6 ft by 3 ft. space – perfect for playing and hiding.

I began to question this child and sensed it was a female, but perhaps was called a “Tomboy” at one time. Elvis then confirmed he could sense a female child and I left to record the name “Lizabeth,” “Liza,” “Lisa,” “Lise”. I couldn’t get it. It felt like Elizabeth but I felt like there was no E at the beginning. It felt right, but not correct.

I returned and Elvis indicated that he got the name Anna. Strange, it was too different. I said it could be a middle name like Elizabeth-Ann. We continued to speak to the spirit and then asked the spirit to join us. I felt that this girl would be no more then the age of 8 and would be responsible for some noise and mischief. I asked her to follow us and saw a light bend around the corner of the room. I said, “OK, we’ll follow you. You can scare the other guys.”

We proceeded to the staircase and made it halfway down to the window area where I pointed to something that would baffle the NAGS team. A tiny child-sized palm print on the window and the letter “a” scripted in a fashion from long ago. Gord indicated that he did not see the fingers and palm print in the window when he went up. There was no children on this level of the home, it is simply too dangerous as it is still a construction site. We photographed the palm print and asked the spirit to do it again.

We continued and joined up in a circle in the area where I felt the soldier was. I was getting a blockage with this spirit, so I asked the spirit to communicate with Naz. I knew Naz had an interest in WWII and the German forces of that war. We all felt a cold energy in the room. At one point it rose up and went straight onto Dave’s chest. He backed off slightly and then Naz said he could feel his hand get cold and his leg also. He indicated it felt like a child. I smiled at Elvis knowing that we had asked this spirit to “join and scare” the others.

We then continued to the backroom and Kevin refused to enter saying he felt sick in that room. Here some of us smelled Iodine as was recorded earlier on previous investigations. We also felt a rush of cold going round and round clockwise in this room. It certainly felt like an operation that had gone wrong, someone died as a result. We also felt a very interesting electromagnetic field that made our hairs stand up on our arms and the back of our necks. It wasn’t goose bumps, but rather a static field.

We then proceeded to investigate the windows to see if any markings were made. Elvis had another encounter with the ghostly girl as I was calling out a name that fit perfectly. It felt right and I knew instantly both Elvis and I were correct somewhat with our name gathering – Annalisa. That was the name. As I said it allowed I asked are you going to cause trouble?

The recorder picked up a strange voice. It’s best to listen to it at this time in the EVP section and draw your own conclusions.

The Keefer Mansion Inn is going to be a spectacle for tourists and a very welcoming location. It seems like there may be some tricks played out on future guests making for an interesting bed and breakfast experience.

Special thanks goes to Phil Ritchie of Keefer Developments and the crew and cast of Cogeco Television. It was a very interesting experience.

Sleep tight.

Notes from Dr. Gord:

On the night of Oct.23rd, 2005 we were granted access to Keefer Mansion in Thorold, Ontario. Together with Creepy Bastard and a team from Cogeco Cable, the NAGS team went to investigate what paranormal things may be present in the house. The house is currently under renovations to turn the once mighty mansion in to a bed and breakfast, and frankly, Phil Ritchie and team are doing a great job. Personally I can’t wait to see the final result.

As the Cogeco team wandered the house, after interviewing Steve, I went for a smoke and came back in to the house and wandered around the first floor generally observing the majestic house and when I returned to the 2nd living room (basically) I noticed Creepy pacing between both living rooms. I went to the windows of the 2nd living room to observe the view and when I turned to walk back towards the stairs I felt a cold rush of air go right by me. At first chalking this up to it being a drafty house, I could not find the source of where the breeze may have come from. Being puzzled I sat down in the spot where I had felt the rush of air as everyone was of doing their own thing. As I sat relaxed I felt the arm hair, on my left, stand at attention but only a patch of about 2 – 3 inches. Then as soon as someone came in the room, it was gone. Strange encounter indeed, but not the last of the night.

We wandered the rest of the house, separately, occasionally meeting up in various rooms and it was here that I had a vision of man in no less than three rooms. I would honestly say he was following me around observing me and making sure I knew it was his house. He was about 6ft tall dressed in a black suit, black hair and a variation of a goatee. I would place him in his late 30’s and of upper class background. Who is he? I have no idea.

As a group we examined two rooms and it was here that all the fun stuff happened. In the front left room on the second floor we gathered in a circle to attempt communication. It was here that we all felt a distinct cold spot present in front of us, we waved our hands through the air and there was only a distinct area where the cold was felt. All present in the room felt this as well as a tingle in the hands when passing through the cold.

It was in the back room, on the right hand side, on the second floor that I had my most memorable encounter of the night. John, David, Creepy and I entered the room and closed the door to attempt communication with whatever was present. The first thing we all noticed was the distinct smell of Iodine or possibly an anesthetic smell, much like is used in a hospital. When we asked if anyone was there, there was a distinct rush of energy circling us, causing arm hairs to stand on end. I even had the small hairs on the back of my neck standing at attention with a distinct pinching feeling. John confirmed that he felt his also. On three occasions I saw a shadow form move past the window behind David. Once again a cold spot presented itself in front of us and all four of us felt this temperature drop. It was then that I got a vision of a brown long haired woman, dressed in what looked like a blue hospital top, screaming amiss a pile of bodies. I also felt a strong feeling of panic and confusion in this room.

All in all it was a great time there, and I would like to thank Phil Ritchie for allowing us the time to examine the Mansion and a shout out to Cogeco Cable for taking an interest in what we do.

Notes from Kevin:

First, I would just like to thank Phil Ritchie of Keefer Developments for once again allowing the team access to the Keefer Mansion. I would also like to thank Toadfuss for getting us in with the Cogeco folks, and Darryl Day from Cogeco for sending us a great interviewer and camera man Talia and Steve.

This was my second visit to Maplehurst, and after my first visit I was excited to go back. You will notice that I am not one that usually even does notes on investigations. There have been a couple times, but normally I don't have much to report.

A little background. When I first started talking to GhostBoy, even before he was actually a N.A.G.S. Team member. He had asked me where I felt there was activity inthe Keefer Mansion. Keep in mind this was before his book was even released. Well I told him and even showed him on a floor plan, and he was impressed that him and I had both had the same feelings. I am the first to admit that I am not the most sensitive person when it comes to the Paranormal world, but Keefer is different for me.

This time around I had one memorable experience. Well, it was an experience. John, Elvis and I went to the backroom on the second floor, this is one of the 3 areas that I had really felt something the first time I had been to Keefer. We stood in a circle and John asked if we could get a sign that someone was present, just then I saw what I thought was my headlamp, at the exact same moment, John asked me if I could turn it off, which I was already reaching to do, but it wasn't on. At this point I began to fill really sick, to the point that I had to leave the room, I began to gag, almost to the point of vomiting.

The rest of the evening was rather quiet for me. Since I had been there previous, I knew the house pretty well, and I had just wondered off with different members here and there.

The night was great, I am glad that Steve finally got the chance to enter the mansion which we all know he has longed to do for 8 years. We got some great EVPs, and a great look at the past.

I would highly recommend that once the Keefer Mansion opens in February as a Bed And Breakfast, plan a night there. Even if you aren't interested in the paranormal, what Phil Ritchie and his crew have done to restor this glorious mansion is outstanding, you won't be dissapointed.

Notes from nAz:

Shortly after arriving at Keefer Mansion, the film crew for The Source showed up. 8 minutes later Phil Ritchie was onsite to let us in.

After introductions were made The Source did their interview with me. Man, was I nervous! Anyways, everyone said that the interview went great & GhostBoy took the Source crew for a tour of the mansion. After Cogeco had left, we started our investigation.

2nd floor:

1st bedroom on the right. I picked up on activity in this room but couldn’t put my finger on what it was until one of the girls from Cogeco laughed. Immediately I picked up on a longing to hear a childs laughter in the house it felt really sad.

2nd bedroom on left. I was drawn to this room. Upon entering I felt confusion. I decided to leave then come back. We’ll get back to this room later.

Back room behind staircase. I walked in on CreepyBastard, Kevin & GhostBoy attempting communication with a spirit in this room. I could sense a spirit but it felt scared & shied away. Kevin had to leave shortly after I entered as something almost made him vomit. Right after Kevin left, CreepyBastard lit a candle & John asked the spirit to blow it out. The candle didn’t go out, we left.

GhostBoy and I returned to the 1st bedroom on the right. I mentioned to him the emotion and longing for children’s laughter. Right away we got a thump from above as confirmation. No one was on the 3rd floor. A couple of the team entered the room & the spirit disappeared leaving behind a scent of perfume.

After the last room we headed upstairs to the 3rd floor. No activity stood out on the 3rd floor. I do have the bookcase doorway to the widows walk groaning when opened on tape!

Back down to the 2nd floor

The NAGS team decided to do a circle in the 2nd bedroom on the left. Told ya I’d get back to this room ;) Ok. Here is where it got interesting. While GhostBoy was telling the spirit to communicate with me, something touched my left arm first. Then a minute later only the palm of my hand got really cold! As I was experiencing the cold on my hand, I could feel frustration in front of me. There are two spirit’s in this room. One was a small child that was holding my hand and leaning against me. The other was that of a older gentleman, a soldier. I got strength in character, a sense of order as in everything should be neat n tidy, clothes just so.

After the circle, Kevin and I ventured into the basement. I did not pick up on anything in that place.

Once I was done checking out the basement I went back to the 1st floor. Kevin left the check out another room and I was alone. Here something interesting happened. I could almost see what the rooms on the 1st floor were used for. I started to walk around like I knew the place & how they used the rooms. I believe at this point Kevin rejoined me & I took him on a tour of the first floor explaining what certain rooms & hallways were used for. I know it sounds silly, anyone can guess what rooms are what I’m saying is I knew! Or I was being shown! It was very enlightening and made my stay in the Keefer Mansion even more comfortable that what it was.

One thing about the Keefer Mansion. I, myself did not pick up on anything about the house being a hospital at all. The impressions I got about the place was all about home, kids and entertaining guests. I could very easily call a place like that home.

Notes from David:

I cannot express with words how impressive this building was. Wow. Absolutely one of the nicest places I have been, and it wasnt even finished! Well, I should start with expressing thanks to Phil Ritchie of the Keefer foundation for allowing us this visit. Thanks also go to Talia and her cameraman from Cogeco for covering us, and message forum member “toadfuss” for arranging the cogeco involvement. Now that all the thanks are out of the way did I mention what an impressive structure Keefer mansion is? While it is still under construction/restoration it is plain to see that this will be likely the nicest bed & breakfast in the Niagara Region once its completed.

The atmosphere wasn’t typical of most investigations. I found Keefer to be warm and inviting. downright comforting. The night began with cogeco interviewing Stephen, and I walked around admiring the first floor. After the interview the cogeco crew wanted to explore and film the house a bit, and they miked John and followed him on a bit of a historical tour. We had decided as a group not to start a proper investigation until after they had left... but I did go into the basement on my own while they all went upstairs. I was astounded everywhere you went in the basement it led to another room and that would lead to yet another room again! While I did not encounter anything distinct I did had the sense of being watched or followed while down there.

After Cogeco’s finest departed our team gathered and headed upstairs. We split off into smaller groups and went through the many rooms and nooks and nooks and crannies the home had to offer. Rooms within rooms, closets big enough to seem like a small room, alcoves, even a bookcase that moved to expose a hidden staircase. Throughout the home I did not experience the “creepiness” or any uneasiness that investigations usually have to some degree, I felt welcome there. I felt a few cold spots and feelings of being watched here and there. I did however get an oddity. I had a digital cam with me, and it seemed the batteries died. I replaced with fresh batteries and the camera continued to not work. After we left I tried the camera and it worked fine. Peculiar. Another peculiar thing is that amongst the few pictures I did get one of them is jet black there is nothing there. Its like it was censored (hmmm).

A couple of the more notable experiences I had where when we gathered in groups. In a front room on the second floor we were all in together we experienced a cold spot moving throughout the room. At one point I felt it settle on my right shoulder upper arm and I had a tingling sensation in those bodyparts. At another point we were all actually “tracking” the movement, and while at least 2 or 3 people had their hands “in” the cold spot all coming towards me I felt it hit my stomach then chest, it seemed to roll up my torso my beard hear was standing up as it passed by. In a back room on the second floor there were four of us at one point, and we experienced a cold spot circling the room/us. I had multiple experiences of something touching me – I had cold spots, tingling body parts and hair on arm/neck standing whenever and wherever I was feeling the touch. I also got the impression of a young girl while in that room. Also worth mentioning that the circling cold spot/touches were usually around hip/waist high while in that room.

In my haste to get this report in on time I will sheepishly admit I have not yet listened to tapes to process any potential EVPs. If anything comes of that they will be sure to be posted here soon.

Notes from our guest Creepy Bastard:

First I would like to extend my thanks to the NAGS team for giving me the chance to tag along with them to Keefer Mansion. It was definitely a memorable experience. Let me also add, before I continue with the investigation notes, that I have noticed an increase in my ability to perceive things more clearly than I used to. Thanks to NAGS and their guidance I am more confident in going with my instincts...

When we arrived at Keefer Mansion, the first thing that struck me was great the building looked, very impressive. While we were standing in the parking lot, looking at the west side of the house, my attention was immediately drawn to the top floor left hand window. I watched it for a while and then mentioned to GhostBoy that there is something about that window. He said that it is a very common feeling that everyone seems to get.

We moved to the front of the house and while we were waiting for the COGECO film crew to arrive, Naz said he felt as if we were being watched. I was again drawn to the front window into what would most likely have been the living room and I had the same feeling about that window as I did about the one on the third floor. I again mentioned it to GhostBoy and he agreed.

Inside the Mansion, while the camera crew was setting up, I went to the front window where I was looking from the outside and sat on the sill. There was too much going on around me and I didn't feel anything. Once Naz was finished with his interview, GhostBoy took them on a tour.

Naz and Dr. Gord said they needed to go outside to clear their heads and I thought it would do me some good as well. A few minutes later we came back in and that's when things started...

1st Floor

I felt compelled to stay in the front two rooms - the living room and dining room. I had no idea why, but I felt I needed to stay here. Next thing I know I am walking a circular pattern through both these rooms, over and over and over again. In one location I would keep hitting a cold spot every time I circled the room. Naz was in there with me and said he felt it as well. Soon I became aware that the cold spot was moving around the room and I was passing through it regularly.

I told Naz that I had no idea why I was still walking around the room and that either I was following the cold spot or the cold spot was following me. The rest of the team returned to the room and GhostBoy immediately started circling the room. He spun around a few times and then wrote down the word 'dancing' on his note pad. As soon as I read it, I knew that was why I was circling the room.

Across the hall was a large room with two fireplaces and several windows. It felt like a parlour or library to me. Behind me Naz said the word sick and suddenly there was a smell like a latrine. But only in one corner of the room. We checked the other side of the wall found that there was no lingering smell. We returned to the room and the smell was gone. GhostBoy noted that the smell was not gone, but rather moving past him.

2nd Floor

When I reached the landing I felt that there was something there. Nothing specific, just something. At this point my recorder picked up a voice saying "Help". I moved off the landing and onto the main hallway of the second floor. The second door on the left I had a feeling like someone was ordering me to 'come here'. I walked in and told GhostBoy that there was something in here. Again, no specifics, just something. Later I would learn that this room was significant because it was the room with the soldier entity.

Next I went into a room that GhostBoy indicated had a strong presence from his last investigation. Kevin began coughing and had to leave. I didn't get any feelings in this room. Still, I lit a candle in hopes that GhostBoy could entice the entity to show itself by extinguishing the flame. Nothing happened.

3rd Floor

I explored the attic behind the hidden bookcase. Very cool, but nothing ghostly. When I came out of the attic I turned the corner and opened a closet door. GhostBoy jumped out and scared me - it was a manly scream, so I am not ashamed. In the adjoining room I was drawn to what will be a bathroom. This is where things got really good... I was standing in this room which was portioned off with new drywall. I immediately sensed someone hiding and that it was a child. I looked at the room, but could not fathom this to be a place that would be any good to hide in. I left to find GhostBoy and brought him back. I told him that I felt something was here. He immediately got the feeling that someone was hiding and it was a child. I was stunned that he felt exactly what I felt without any prompting. He couldn't find the hiding spot either, until he looked up. Above our heads the walls was stripped away revealing an attic crawlspace. The perfect hiding spot.

He asked me if it was a boy or girl. I said it was a girl. He asked me for a name and I said Anna. He got the name Lizabeth, with no 'E'. GhostBoy asked the little girl if she was causing trouble and if she would like to come with us and scare the other guys. We went down the stairs and GhostBoy spotted the handprint on the window on the landing. There was a stylized 'a' very clearly drawn into the window. The handprint itself was a child's hand, for it could easily fit in the area of my palm.

Dr. Gord came down behind us on the stairs and he confirmed that the handprint was definitely NOT there minutes before. GhostBoy asked her to write some more and that we would come back and see later.

We regrouped on the first floor and decided to go back up to the second floor and try to communicate with the spirit in the front left room. As we started to enter I caught some motion out of the corner of my eye as if something ran up the stairs behind us. I told GhostBoy what I saw and we were both thinking the same thing: Our little friend from upstairs.

In the room, when Naz told us the feeling he had that a child was holding his hand, GhostBoy and I knew that not only were we communicating with the little girl - we were actually interacting with her.

After we finished in that room, we moved into the back room where Kevin was overcome with a coughing fit - it was a manly cough, so he shouldn't be ashamed. This time I smelled the Iodine smell in the air and we all confirmed it. A presence seemed to appear in the center of the group. I felt a numbing in my right arm, and then an overall weakness in both arms. From here we moved back up to the third floor.

We checked the window, but there were no further messages. I got a strong sense that she was still playing with us and that she wouldn't leave the message on this window, rather she would put it somewhere else. We quickly moved up to the third floor and as soon I reached the top, my body was wracked by a cold spot. It wasn't like when you walk into a cold spot or one rolls over you, my body actually shuddered. At that instant I turned to GhostBoy and he blurted out the name; Annalise. The name felt right to me as well.

I felt driven to search for any messages. In my mind I keep thinking; "where would I write the message..."

It was an incredible experience to interact with a spirit, and I look forward to going back and doing it again.

EVPs Recorded:

1. Male voice is heard stating "Help me", Before John starts to speak DOWNLOAD

2. John asks "Do you want help?" and shortly after "Yeah" is heard. DOWNLOAD

3. Male voice says "Feel em" DOWNLOAD

4. When John says "Because we have an interest", and make voice is heard over lapping his voice stating "I can feel them" DOWNLOAD

5. John asks "Are you scared?" Oddly enough his voice echoes in a room where there was no echo, nor did anyone elses voice do the same thing. DOWNLOAD

7. After John's statements at the mischievous spirit that was playing games with Elvis all night, you can hear a faint female voice saying "I am Annalise, I am dead, come play with me" . DOWNLOAD

8. Sound of a male voice faintly saying "Help" then near the end of the recording a very clear deep "Help" can be heard . DOWNLOAD

9. The sound of a loud shriek, possibly female heard on the second floor. DOWNLOAD

10. Another shriek is heard in the same general area on the second floor as the first, but later in the night . DOWNLOAD

11. A male is heard making an "Exhale, Help" . DOWNLOAD

The Archives: NAGS Undisclosed Cemetery

Upon hearing reports of ghostly activity at a cemetery, the NAGS team couldn't wait to investigate. Also, having held a contest to bring a guest to an up-coming investigation, we brought the contest winner to this location as a warm-up.

Notes from GhostBoy:

There have been several reports of ghostly encounters with the small undisclosed cemetery in Sty. Catharines. Witnesses have claimed to see a full-apparition walk from buildings towards and into the cemetery grounds. Strange lights have also been reported within the cemetery by passing motorists.

We approached the cemetery grounds cautiously and made our way to a large monument. There we continued inside the cemetery drawn as a group to the rear corner. As I tried to snap photos my camera began malfunctioning. First the flash did not work, then it simply refused to take pictures, then the LCD display did not work. Then suddenly, as I made a comment that I was here to respect the land and to simply communicate the camera started operating fine once again.

As I approached two old tombstones (circa 1830s) Naz said he was drawn to the same tombstones. The group started splitting off, in pairs, alone and in groups. I could very plainly see a young male child skip off down the one side of the cemetery and vanish into the darkness. I got the name Joshua Harding. It felt as if this child was not buried at the cemetery, nor was he stuck or grounded. He simply made visitations because for him, it was a familiar place or a place he went to as a child.

Some of the group were drawn down an embankment while I remained on top trying to see if I could gather more information about the child. Naz sat down and concentrated and I left him alone and stood watch to see if the child would reappear. I did not tell the group my findings at this point, other than I suspected activity and that I got a name. I encouraged everyone to open themselves up and gather names.

Later the group gathered around to attempt communication. Naz indicated he felt he was being pulled down, felt “small” and said he felt like a male child looking up at the group. His feelings got so intense, he broke off and later returned. Jenn C., our guest for the evening, said she could sense a little boy also, with brown hair. She also indicated she got a name Margaret-Ann and Kevin said he also received the name Ann previously.

With Naz rejoining the group several members and Jenn C. heard a woman’s moan and a man’s sigh. I also received the feelings of being watched and the feeling that someone was walking towards our group. I got two EVPs here that sound like a squeaky child.

We broke off into groups to explore the cemetery further. At one time I received the obscure name of Ebenezer and later on in the investigation Kevin and Jenn C. found several tombstones with the first name of Ebenezer.

I also received a message, “Tell Steve not to hesitate.” I reiterated the message immediately to Steve and he went off to the centre of the cemetery on his own and sat down. At times I felt fear and I was brought to a house but nothing more.

Kevin came to me and told me that Dave is having strange feelings about a certain location and that he felt that someone was “dumped” or improperly buried a the back of the cemetery. I went to investigate with Dave and Jenn and here we questioned and felt out the area. We all felt a woman, not of high moral standards and of a lower class. Dave felt she was killed and thrown down the embankment. Jenn confirmed the feelings. I started to see chains, like a biker would wear connecting his wallet to his jeans. I also got the word “Judgment”. We investigated this area and I saw a spark of light in the dark trees. Then Jenn confirmed she saw it also. A mumbling EVP was recorded in this area.

Oddly enough, Dr. Gord felt the same feeling in a different part of the cemetery and whem Dr. Gord and Dave and Jenn met up they were astonished that they felt the same feelings and came up with the same “story.”

Coincidences were popping up everywhere. The group felt sick in certain areas, felt pressures and pains in the same areas. It was a very interesting night with too many coincidences to justify them as so.

What was interesting is that none of the group felt that the cemetery was overly haunted. It felt more as if the spirits and events that were taking place that night had very little, if anything, to do with the cemetery.

Never had the team come up with so many names, so many coinciding “stories” and events. It would appear the cemetery and the grounds surrounding it are offering far more than simple ghostly hauntings.

NAGS will unquestionably return to this location to figure out why so much was happening in a not-so-haunted location.

Notes from nAz:

After meeting with Jenn C. & discussing next weeks investigation the team decided to investigate a cemetery at GhostBoy’s request.

On the way to the cemetery I was thinking… cemetery… not going to be much activity. Man was I wrong!

Approaching a historical marker I noticed activity near the back corner right away. I took some pictures of Jenn and the team looking at some markers & then felt drawn to two identical markers. I was approaching the markers GhostBoy suggested activity near them. My initial feelings at the twin markers were pain in the back of my skull, and sever pain in my chest. That was just the beginning.

After the team had gone around the cemetery getting their own impressions, we decided to do a circle and attempt communication with the spirit’s that were present.

One thing that surprised me about this place was this, the NAGS team has never gotten so many names in one place before. Every team member got at least one name. The name I got really strong was Mike or Michael. While in circle, I got the image of a male head and shoulders, so I decided to call on my ancestors to help communicate. This was the first time I decided to not guard myself. I wanted to open up to the spirit present. I got what I asked for. Just after I opened up, I got a sinking feeling. At first I thought it was due to the fact that I was standing on a grave but I cast doubt aside and went with the feeling. I then realized that I wasn’t sinking, I felt that I was shrinking! I felt like I was the size of a 4 year old child! I had a mental image of standing next to the guys in the circle looking up at them and holding my hands out for the “big” people to hold. I opened my eyes & could see everyone normally but when I closed them again I was a child! While I was marveling at this new experience I got one word – hold. I don’t know what it means. After I got the word impression, I got the impression that this experience was getting too comfortable & had to end. I turned from the circle & shook off the spirit (?) Does that make sense? as I walked away. This has never happened to me before and for a bit it freaked me out.

After breaking the circle the team split up again to revisit different areas. As I was walking behind GhostBoy I had an urge to meditate in a certain location under the full view of the moon. I ignored the feeling & continued walking. GhostBoy turned to me and said that he heard a voice tell him something. It was for me. Basically he was told to tell me to do as I was planning. Ok, I can take a hint. I went to the location and sat. While I was attempting to meditate I kept getting shown activity near the back corner close to the twin markers. I asked if I was in the wrong spot & was shown I was in the right spot. I believe I was told to sit there so I could witness the activity. After a few minutes I went to the area with the activity. As I approached my thumb and fore finger on both hands went tingly (pins n needles). This was new as well. My attention was drawn down a slight hill where a table, chair and fire pit were set up. I remembered hearing about the table and chair from one of the team members but I assumed it was in a different location for some reason. Next to a tree on the edge of the slope I could sense a rush of activity heading in both ways. While I was standing attempting to figure out what I was feeling I got an impression. It is an odd one and I’ll mention it later but first I wanted some confirmation. I called GhostBoy and Dr. Gord over to the tree. GhostBoy could sense something as well, he took his jacket off and rolled up his sleeves. Gr. Gord went down the hill to the table and chair. I’ll let Dr. Gord explain what he felt but what I got was something completely different and almost shocking.

The table, chair and fire pit are being used by someone for conjuring. Either by spell or ouija. There is a rush of activity in that place & I felt that spirits there are being used. How, I couldn’t tell. Why would so many names come up in one location? Why are there so many spirits there? I asked if there was some way I could help when I was sitting in the other spot & I was shown this area for a reason. The notion almost sounds crazy but it was what I felt.

This location will be investigated by us again & hopefully we can help those held there.

Notes from Dr. Gord:

The NAGS team met up with our contest winner at our usual meetup place. After coffee and conversation, we headed to the cemetery to do some investigating. The cemetery basically consists of people that lived in the range of 1790’s – 1910 with many of the grave markers being almost covered over by grass growth. One thing I noticed right away was the atmosphere of the place. There was a very uneasy feeling here. I attributed it the darkness as the graveyard was surrounded by trees.

Upon entering the site, I immediately felt pressure on the top left section of my head which I felt was probably just my hangover from the night before, however Kevin later stated he felt the same thing. Walking around I took a lot of pictures to document the historical value of this cemetery and I received a few images as I walked through the graveyard.

The first image that I got was behind the gravestones, between the big tree stump. About 20 paces behind these, is a great big tree where no grass grows beneath it. It was here that I got the image of a woman named Allison, who was aged 35-37, bout 5ft6, skinny with black hair. In the vision I was told she wonders here searching for her son, who was taken by raiders. The son used to play in that area but went missing. When asked to show me how she died I saw her hung from the thick branch above me. Sounds a little farfetched don’t it? I thought this too until later on that night.

Next I went to the back right hand corner to meet up with John and Steve to see what they had found. It was here that I experienced a first. Upon walking between the last two sets of grave stones I felt this overwhelming urge to vomit. Again I attributed this to my hangover but nearly everyone in the graveyard that night, felt the same nauseous feeling in different areas. Facing John and Steve in the back corner, I got this very strong image of a white screaming face charging towards me, literally it made me jump and turn around to make sure nothing was there. Steve confirmed he felt energy flowing through the area I was standing in.

The last image I got from this night was down by a weird set up down the hill in the bushes. Here a mini, what looked like a camp set up, and it was here that I got something to which both freaks me out and makes me wonder if it was my imagination. I sat in the chair at the campsite and heard a voice in my head, ask “Why I was there?” and “I do not belong here, I am trespassing and this was my land” then within my head a vision of a scraggly face appeared. Very bushy hair and destroyed teeth grinning at me saying over and over that he had “F**Ked her good” and then I heard laughter of other men and it was then that I was drawn to the bushes in front of me to my where I saw a woman lying face down. The freaky part is, it was the same woman, Allison that I had seen underneath the tree. I ran up the hill and noticed that the trajectory matched between the tree where I saw her hung and the ground where she was lying with the men. If two and two are placed together, I would say that she may have lived nearby; the men kidnapped her, raped her and then hung her from the tree.

There were a few other small things I got from the cemetery. When I walked through a family plot, I heard a older male voice ask “Why are you here” and I as pondered where I heard this, I heard a older female voice say “Go Away Leave Us Alone” I snapped around and my flashlight lit up the name Edna. I asked John to bring his recorder over to try and capture some possible EVP’s and as John asked them to speak in to the microphone, all I heard in my head was “Yea F**Koff”. I started to laugh, told John this and we left as requested. John and I headed to the back to gather the group and as we all went to leave I was looking at the ground, I looked up and just for a second saw a line of black shadow people lined up along the treeline but would not come forward, I asked in my head why they wouldn’t come in and all I got was they were scared.

Upon leaving the cemetery the feeling of nauseousness left and it was off for more coffee. I can admit that some of this sounds a little farfetched but the others had similar accounts so who knows.

Notes from David:

I have to admit, I really second guessed myself on this one… my mind raced back to an archived Skeptic’s Corner (upon further review I realize that I clouded portions of Ssept.12ths and Sept.19ths). As I have repeatedly stated in prior investigation notes… My senses aren’t/I am not as attuned to paranormal activity as say, a psychic or a medium of course.. but even compared to the other team members I am not as in sync to ghostly encounters. The more investigations we do I sometimes feel I’m becoming the biggest skeptic of the group. I have learned to open up, and through this group I have (for lack of a better word) “felt” things… maybe attempts at communication that I just couldn’t quite understand. (Thankfully our private home #2 and our first trip to Century Manor gave me enough to plow forward). Anyways, on to why I initially second guesses myself.

We spent awhile touring the cemetery, and the group gathered and discussed our feelings. There were things brought up that I just didn’t sense or experience myself. I did however “get a name” as GhostBoy always puts it. While we toured the headstones I kept ?thinking? of the name Eden, or Edith. I kept expecting to find a stone with that name on it… but didn’t. However after the group broke up I was drawn to a spot on the outskirts of the cemetery. The edge surrounding approximately two-thirds of the cemetery drops off into a ravine. I went to a section and ?felt? a body had been desecrated down the hill from where I stood.. I felt a woman had possibly been raped, but definitely harmed, and while not killed dumped there and left for dead. I did not feel that this was what had happened to one of the persons buried in the cemetery, I felt it from that hill. Now, this is where I was second guessing myself. ?Had I come on an investigation and wanted to experience something? Do I watch too many cop shows and mafia shows and was imagining a scenario? I wasn’t sure, but I kept being drawn to the area. I invited others to the area to inquire what, if any, feelings they got there without telling them up front what I thought. I hope that their investigation notes elaborate on this, because while each persons feelings were somewhat different, they were all similar and enhanced a potential scenario that I initially thought I was scripting in my head due to the creepiness of the night and the locale.

Admittedly, not heavily (yet) I have attempted to research to see if I could learn of any such crimes being discovered in this area… but to date have not found anything. I look forward to investigating the area by daylight, and continuing to research.

Notes from Jenn:

I entered the cemetery with an open mind, not expecting very much to happen as this was my first investigation. I did not feel anything immediately. We did a quick walk around the cemetery and got a feel for the place. Still I did not feel anything. We proceeded to the left hand corner of the cemetery and stood in a circle asking for any spirits to communicate with us.

NAZ felt the presence of a young boy as soon as he mentioned this I immediately got a vision in my mind of what the little boy looked like. He was small, waist height with brown hair. We continued to try to entice the spirits to communicate with us. While standing in the circle I got the name Margaret Anne and the feeling that she had died in a house fire around the area in which the cemetery was located. I had a feeling she had long strawberry blonde hair and was wearing a red polka dotted dress when she died. I don’t feel that she was buried in the cemetery but she had a connection to the area surrounding it.

Another name that came to my mind during the night was Edward Johnson and I felt he had a connection with boats. Nothing more came to me regarding this name.

Halfway through the investigation Makeajazznoise asked me to follow him to a spot that I had seen him at earlier pondering. He asked me to see what kind of a feeling I got while standing there. I went over and got a feeling of a women who had been beaten and brought here to this location. I could see in my mind her being a blonde women maybe in her middle 30’s. I don’t feel she had a professional day to day job but was rather involved in drugs or sex, maybe a prostitute. Her face was streaked with makeup like she had been crying. I could see her roll down the embankment and try to crawl her way back up but the man who had brought her there continued to beat her and leave her for dead. The time

frame I get when I thought that might have happened would be the late 70’s to late 80’s. I also got the name Mary. I could not get that image of her trying to climb her way back up

out of my mind. This had to be the most exciting part of the night for me, even after we walked away I still felt drawn back to that spot. I don’t know why but I could not stop looking in that direction. Even still I can picture her trying to climb her way back up that hill.

I must say that I am very pleased with the amount of activity that I had experienced. I would also like to once again thank the N.A.G.S team for inviting me to come along with them on this investigation.

EVPs Recorded:

1. Male voice states "I was murdered", before John begins to speak. DOWNLOAD

2. Female voice says "What", when the audio is slowed down. DOWNLOAD

3. Female voice states "I've been pullin". DOWNLOAD

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