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The Niagara Amateur Ghost Seekers (NAGS) investigated a private home in Port Colborne. It was the first investigation as a team and the discovery of a very haunted basement.

Below are the investigation notes, EVPs and photographs. Additional NAGS archives can be found here:

Private Home #1:

Notes From GhostBoy:

The private residence in Port Colborne was said to be built in 1870 and is now composed of three rental units. The investigation took place in a later addition, which had access to the entire basement of the home.

Upon arrival, the only information of the home or its suspected haunting given to me was that activity was happening in the basement and in the kitchen.

I requested to enter the home and investigate the basement with NAZ. Upon entry I immediately had the impression that there was, in fact, activity. I could not enter the basement until I felt OK to do so. I also distinctively heard the sounds of several flies, but could not find any present at the time.

Upon entering the basement I immediately felt that there was activity at the front of the house and proceeded to enter deeper into the basement with NAZ about four steps behind. When I reached the mid-point of the basement and through the doors a very distinct and slow moving shadow figure materialized and walked across from left to right and disappeared into the darkness. The figure was about 4-5ft tall at the most. I did not feel threatened by this ghostly figure.

I paused and announced who I was and what I was doing. I proceeded to enter into the space and NAZ followed behind. I left my recorder on the re-enforced concrete support wall on the left-hand side and proceeded to exit and leave NAZ in the room.

I reentered and we concentrated on whatever energy was left behind in this room. Shortly, I had the sense that there was a presence within the room. NAZ confirmed that he felt this also. There was a temperature drop of about 5-10 degrees Celsius throughout this time period. At this time I started writing on the pad of paper what I was feeling. I felt a boy of about eight years old who is named Albert.

The boy showed us the emotions he felt in life, and perhaps even now. He felt scared, sad and abused. There was trauma in this boy’s life and he was abused by a male father figure – but not his father.

This entity also suggested looking towards the top floor, right-hand side bedroom that was his in life.

NAZ and I continued to feel and sense extraordinary events in the basement and got movements of light and the continued feelings of abuse and neglect.

Both NAZ and I entered the kitchen but felt very little in this area.

Upon exiting we gained access to the top floor apartment and the two women were very accommodating. Dr. Gord and I investigated the bedroom and I left a recorder on for a few minutes alone. The occupant of the bedroom suggested that her radio turns off frequently but she has had no “strange” experiences while in the bedroom.

I returned to the basement alone and sat on the floor. I talked openly with the boy entity and told him it is his choice to stay or leave, but he is not bound with the earth or this home.

At this time the team entered and we investigated the “handprints” on the walls. I did not find the painted handprints to be linked to the paranormal activity in the home.

NAZ and I remained in the basement alone and closed the door to the room we were in. Although it was later in the day and the door was closed there was an obvious lightening of the room. The room appeared less dark than our first entrance. I sat on the floor and noticed my recorder was either making strange mechanical clicks or something was hitting the recorder.

NAZ was standing in the middle of the room and said he felt chills as I did. He also mentioned he saw movement. Unfortunately at this time, the tenants in the front area arrived home and were very disruptive and all activity ceased.

I confirmed with the tenants that there is a boy ghost within the home. I also confirmed that the sounds of dishes or someone doing dishes is heard at night – even though upon investigating no one is doing the dishes.

I also confirmed that the daughter is very susceptible to the paranormal activity. The son also indicated that he, too, saw and felt the activity in this home but said he is not scared of it.

The energies in this home are not violent, nor pose any threat to the living. They are merely acting what they experienced in life. It would be interesting to investigate the history of the home further and note any deaths of children between the ages of 8-10 with the first name Albert.

I believe Albert wouldn’t have died in the home, but would have died as of a result of injuries conducted on the property.

Notes From nAz:

Before I begin, let me say my time in the basement was a emotional one. The emotions I picked up on were very strong.

Upon entering the basement with GhostBoy, a couple of steps down, I felt fear. After the home owner left GhostBoy and I alone in the basement, Ghostboy went back to the section of the basement with the hotwater tanks & heating units. I closed my eyes & quieted myself. Shortly after GhostBoy came back, the spirit made it's presence felt. There was a distinct temperature drop & the spirit brushed against my arm. After taking a couple of pictures I moved to the center of the basement with the support columns & rested my hand on one. The column felt abnormally cold & I recieved a flash, a flash of memory coupled with a wave of emotion. This is the first time I have experienced this. It took me a minute to gather my thoughts. The boy was abused here, physically & an overwhelming sadness took over me. This was when I confirmed with Ghostboy that this was a male child.

Ghostboy and I were near the sump pump when it started running. After it shut off, I felt the spirit brush my lower left leg. I again continued to experience the spirit's emotions, sadness & fear. I started to physically cry. After I composed myself, we exited the basement & made our way to the kitchen. GhostBoy was drawn to the upstairs while I remained in the kitchen. After my experience in the basement, I felt nothing in the kitchen.

After the rest of the team had investigated the house, GhostBoy requested that we (GhostBoy & I) return to the basement and make contact with the spirit.

GhostBoy sat on the floor while I stood with my back resting on the second column. GhostBoy started to instruct the spirit as to how to communicate with us by speaking into the black box with the red light. Shortly after, the recorder started to make noise, as if moved. The temperature dropped in the room. As I was standing facing the entrance to the basement, I detected movement near the left, where the old boiler was situated. There is a wall dividing the boiler room from the area we were in and I could see light blocked and unblocked as if a head was peeking into the section where we were. After a few seconds of watching this, I mentioned the movement to GhostBoy. At this time the upstairs tenant came home, we could hear heavy footfalls & coarse language. The spirit didn't like this and left. That ended our second trip into the basement.

Upon leaving I snapped a couple of pictures of the upstairs windows upon Ghostboy's request but did not react fast enough when I realized I was being watched from the basement window. I didn't get a shot of that window.

I didn't get anything on tape for the first trip into the basement, My recorder did not work for the second trip in... it recorded nothing.

EVPs Recorded:

1. Appears to be a male voice stating "Get out" DOWNLOAD

2. A child stating "Get out of my basement". DOWNLOAD

3. Male voice stating either "I was in pain" or "I'm scared". DOWNLOAD

4. Sounds of running water when there was none. DOWNLOAD

5. Sound of recorder being moved. DOWNLOAD

6. Male voice stating "Albert, my house". DOWNLOAD


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