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The Niagara Amateur Ghost Seekers (NAGS) investigates the Blue Ghost Tunnel aka BGT in Thorold Ontario. A news reporter is also along for the investigation.

Notes from GhostBoy:

This was my first visit as NAGS team member to the ever-famous Blue Ghost Tunnel. We had acquired expressed written permission from the Seaway Authority to be on the private property and conduct an investigation. Joining us was Petr Cihacek, a reporter with the Niagara News. This was his first visit to the tunnel and his first ghost investigation.

As we arrived there were already two groups of people descending into the tunnel or just about to. I always find it interesting that visitors go into the tunnel stick around for a few minutes and then walk out expecting a paranormal encounter to occur. They do not take the time, nor execute an investigation in a way that is respectful or tactical. Ghosts simply do not show up, wave a big “Hello” and then send you on your merry way. I am not saying I know the right way, but I know a way that works for me.

We allowed the other groups to go in and out and as another group exited I entered the tunnel alone. I made myself known of who I was and what I was there for. I immediately could feel something, but could not figure out what it was.

The team then joined and we walked the length of the tunnel and noted that it has deterieted rapidly since my last visit. The tunnel it appears, will not last more than three winters. It will simply collapse under the stress of time and water erosion.

We decided to kill our lights and enter into a circle and try to communicate with the ghosts that reside in the tunnel. At first we started off generically asking questions and talking openly with the spirits. I then wanted to see if we could speak directly with the two firemen, who past on due to the collision of the trains outside of the tunnel. I called out for Charles Horning and tried to communicate with him. I didn’t get anything, nor felt anything at this time. Other team members replied that they had the same feelings. I then tried again for Abraham Desult and again, I did not feel nor sense that this spirit was here. In my opinion, these two gentlemen died, moved on and do not haunt the tunnel.

When we asked further questions Naz saw movement behind me and I also felt as if there was something behind me about 10-20 feet. Naz indicated that it was closer. At this time several EVPs were recorded and several team members heard distinctive voices (mostly female) coming from each end of the tunnel. The voices were not recognizable, however, they only occurred after a question was asked.

We then moved down towards the exit of the tunnel and conducted another attempt to communicate with whatever spirit that was at this end of the tunnel. Again, we could hear voices, but could not make them out. Several EVPs were captured at this location as well. I tried to communicate with the names I previously recorded by Pauline Raby during the work we were doing for Shadows of Niagara, but none of the communication attempts with these names were conclusive.

I decided it was perhaps a good idea to split our team up. I don’t know why I did, but I asked Dr. Gord to join me back at the first location we were at. At this location Dr. Gord had his own experiences which I will allow him to explain. At this location I could feel a cold spot in front of Dr. Gord. I also picked up the name of “Carrie” and that this ghost was looking for its mother. Naz joined us and indicated he picked up the name “Margaret” – I could attribute this name to the mother. It was like a recognition to the ghost. Naz confirmed he could feel the cold spot in front of Dr. Gord and indicated he could see something around his hand. Further questioning of the ghost of “Carrie” determined that the spirit is stuck in the tunnel. The words “Evil Bastard” also came forward. Perhaps this spirit is being held against its will by another.

In several of the communication attempts I asked how many spirits were present or in the tunnel and the number seven was coming forward clearly. At the front of the tunnel, again, Dr. Gord had an experience and I could feel what he was feeling. Naz confirmed the cold spot that we both felt.

At this time I asked both Dr. Gord and Naz concentrate on the spirit and ask how they died. I wrote down the words “Choked” on my pad of paper. I asked Naz and he said he couldn’t give me an answer. Dr. Gord said, “Strangled,” and I showed him the pad of paper and he looked dumbfounded. Independently, without knowing each others thoughts we both came to the conclusion that this ghost died of some sort of strangulation.

We then discussed the tunnels history and our experiences in the tunnel with Petr Cihacek and we concluded our night investigation of the Blue Ghost Tunnel.

Notes from Dr. Gord:

The NAGS Team accompanied with Petr, a local reporter for the Niagara News, went for an investigation to the Blue Ghost Tunnel. Upon meeting at a close destination, we all piled in to vehicles and with our trusty LEGAL WAIVER in hand, we set off for the tunnel at top speed. Arriving at the tunnel, we waited outside while some local tourists explored the tunnel for themselves as we wanted to investigate in peace and quiet with little to no interruptions. After the tourists left, we ventured in as a group with cameras and recorders in hand. Upon arriving at the section just before the waterfall, which on a side note appears to be the beginning of the end for the old BGT, we gathered in a circle and attempted to communicate with the spirits that are said to reside there. John called out to the two boiler men that died in the train wreck to which we got no response. Upon uttering a general question a faint female voice could be heard from the end of tunnel.

Asking it to be louder the voice grew in strength but still was unclear, at this point; yours truly accredited it to the water droplets falling at the right time. Watching Petr scribble notes like a madman kept me fascinated as I tried to figure out the sounds in my head. We then moved as a group to just outside the trusses and again attempted communication. Nothing could be heard physically but upon examining my tape I got some real good evp’s which will posted later this week. We then split up in to two groups. John and I went back to the first location and the rest went to the entrance of the tunnel. It was here that the fun began.

Now being the resident skeptic I have always downplayed the paranormal activity in the BGT until this night as stuff happened I still cannot explain. John called out to the spirits to communicate with us. All of a sudden I became very very cold. Thinking it was just a breeze being in a tunnel in all you would think that, so in true skeptical behavior I put my arm out to the left, it was cool but not as cold. I did the same thing on the right and the same result. It was then that a vision popped in my head of a little girl to which I described to John as a girl aged 10 – 12, out 5ft tall with long locky light brown hair, dressed in a brown dress with a white apron head piece. I could see it clear as day in my head and I chocked it up to imagination but something happened later that would question this. Steve then approached and the cold dissipated, John informed the spirit not to be afraid and it came back. Steve concurred that he too could feel the cold spot in front of me. I began to feel emotional of lost, sad and lonely and it was then that Steve got the name MARGARET. This would not prove anything to me except this 5 foot tall cold spot in front of me. It was then that we said our goodbyes and turned and headed for the exit of the tunnel. I kept getting this message that I was not wanted to leave but shrugged it off as active imagination. Exiting the tunnel we as a group hung around and answered Petr’s questions but still I was drawn to the tunnel. Steve asked me what I was feeling and I said I felt that something did not want me to leave. Taking two steps back in to the tunnel there was a significant temperature drop, Steve called John over who again concurred the difference. It was then that the freakiest thing happened to me. John asked me to in my head ask how she died and he would write down what he got. In my head I saw a man dressed in black jump her and strangle her to death. When John asked me what I saw I told him strangulation, he then showed me his piece of paper with the word “CHOKE” on it. Of all the ways you could died, it puzzled me that they matched. All in all was a very eventful night for yours truly and the whole NAGS Team.

Notes from nAz:

This was my first investigation of the tunnel with NAGS & my first time at the tunnel at night. I’ve been to the tunnel before during the day, but never at night, so I was looking forward to it. Also a NAGS first, a newspaper reporter for the Niagara News, Petr C. joined us.

As we were walking to the Tunnel, 3 people joined up. They didn’t have flashlights, so we showed them the way. As we got down the hill to the tunnel, several other people were coming the other way to the tunnel, so we let both groups go through as to not interfere with our investigation. Like the Screaming Tunnel, people seem to think that something paranormal is going to happen just because they take a quick walkthrough…

After the sightseers left, we entered the tunnel. As a group, we got down the tunnel to the 8th support truss. The tunnel after the 8th truss is leaking water very badly. Time has finally taken it’s toll on the Tunnel.

As a group we turned off the lights and stood in a circle to start attempting communication with the spirit’s there. GhostBoy was calling on specific spirits. He attempted communication with the two fireman who perished because of the train collision outside of the tunnel and also called on the names of the spirit’s that Pauline Raby had determined to be there during his investigation for Shadows of Niagara.

While in this circle, we as a group, heard these loud “booms” that seemed to be coming from the tunnel. Some of these noises almost appeared “thunder” like. It was interesting.

During the circle, I noticed movement towards the entrance to the tunnel. It seemed like that movement was coming towards us. At one point I squatted down & felt something brush past me, between the wall and I. Kevin and several members of the group also heard what sounded like a girl crying and talking.

We moved further down the Tunnel towards the exit and started another circle. Again, we could hear voices.

After attempting to communicate with the spirits in the Tunnel in the second circle, GhostBoy stated we should split up into two teams. GhostBoy and Dr. Gord went back to the original location, while Kevin, Makeajazznoise, Petr and I went closer to the entrance. Near the entrance I distinctly noted the presence of a spirit and started asking questions. Here is where I got an evp of a spirit answering me.

Kevin, Makeajazznoise & Petr exited the tunnel while I went to check on Dr. Gord & GhostBoy.

Upon joining GhostBoy & Dr. Gord, I could feel cold spots right in front of Dr.Gord. I was actually able for the first time, pick up a name of a spirit. I got the name “Margaret”. Also, while I was holding the recorder, I could see movement around it! I t was almost like my hand & the red light from the recorder was blinking on & off.

After we left the Tunnel, I noticed Dr. Gord standing just a couple of feet inside holding his hand out and snapping pictures with the other. I joined him and immediately noticed cold spots in front of Dr. Gord and myself. I called GhostBoy over to help investigate. He asked us both to ask the spirit how it died. At the same time, I got this strong impression that the spirits were detained or held against their will in the Tunnel itself. I was shocked! When GhostBoy asked us to ask the spirit that question, I couldn’t answer but Dr.Gord answered choked. It was then that GhostBoy showed Dr. Gord his notes and they confirmed with each other “strangulation”.

Why are these spirit’s in the Tunnel? There is nothing on record (that we know of) of deaths inside the Tunnel. Why did GhostBoy and I both get the feeling at different times that they (spirit’s) are being contained in the tunnel? This is something worth checking into in the future. Hopefully we’ll solve the puzzle before the deterioration of the Tunnel is complete.

Notes from David:

Well. it was our first visit with the current group of N.A.G.S. team members to the B.G.T. I have been to this locale numerous times with various combinations of people... but this was the first time I went on a proper investigation. This was at the request of Petr Cichacek, a writer for a local newspaper, who wishes to write a story on the tunnel. Most of our current team members, myself included, have stated that prior visits lacked any significant paranormal events. I thank Petr for requesting we do this, as we had kind of disregarded the B.G.T. as a team... and the night turned into yet another noteworthy N.A.G.S. outing.

We arrived at the Grand Trunk Railway tunnel at approximately 9pm, amongst two other groups on their way into to tunnel. The N.A.G.S. team and Petr hung back and allowed the other groups to proceed which gave us a chance to advise Petr a little of what our group does and on the history of the tunnel. Once we proceeded into the tunnel it completely dark outside. We entered with magnetic tape recorders, digital cameras, an electro-magnetic field detector and notepads. The EMF detector went off a lot on this night, and all of us captured EVPs as well. I have seen at least one interesting picture from this night, and since I didnt have a camera with me on this night Im eager to see the investigation pictures myself!

Sad but true...the tunnels decay is more apparent with every visit, it doesn't appear it will last another year. The instability of the ceiling kept us from going all the way in. We would have needed rubber boots and rain jackets/hoods. We gathered as a group and attempted to make contact about halfway in... after backing up from the noise of the water closer to the end. If any EVPs were to be captured on this night we had to step back. During our session I audibly heard distant voices. They were unclear, but they were in time to our attempts to communicate. I felt a cold tingling sensation on my right arm and right side of my neck at one point... but otherwise I personally had no other contact to report from this evening. I do know that others had more intimate contacts on this night, and I look forward to reading the others' reports... as well as Petr's article in the Niagara News.

Note from Kevin:

I have to admit this was one of my most rewarding trips to the tunnel. I have been on several occasions in the past, during the day, night, winter, and I have experienced minimal paranormal activity.

The N.A.G.S. team, with granted permission and armed with signed waivers from the St. Lawrence Seaway escorted reporter Petr C. a reporter from the Niagara News Thorold edition to the well known Blue Ghost Tunnel aka Grand Trunk Railway Tunnel.

Once we got all of our equipment organized and the tunnel was clear of other visitors, we all trekked in as a team. We made it up to the area where the water leaks from the roof, and decided that the noise of the water would compromise any EVPs that may be caught on tape, so it was decided to move closer to the West entrance, just far enough away so the water wouldn't be a problem.

We formed a circle, and right away heard a loud rumbling, almost sounding like thunder; this repeated a couple times, I personally don't have an explanation for this. Once we turned of all our lights, John started asking questions, trying to get some spirit activity to contact us. John and I both hear foot steps in the distance on the wood floor, closer to the water, I asked if whatever was there could move closer, and hear the mumbles of what sounded like a young girl. John and I asked questions back and forth, David and nAz also tossed in some questions. What got my attention the most was the sound of crying from this young female, and as soon as I heard that, John asked the question, "Why are you sad" this leads me to believe that we both heard the same thing.

After a few more moments, the teams split up. David, nAz, Petr, and I headed toward the West Entrance, stopped for a few more moments of recording and headed out of the tunnel to discuss things with Petr.

Gord and John headed towards the East Entrance and as you can see by Gord and John’s notes, it was very eventful.

EVPs Recorded:


1. Female voice answers "Yes", after the drop of water is heard. DOWNLOAD

2. A childs voice heard calling "Help" DOWNLOAD

3. After asking the spirits to make there presence known a loud "Knock...Knock" is heard on tape but not on location. DOWNLOAD

4. John asks the spirit a question and gets a male voice responding with "Near end...flood or blood". DOWNLOAD

5. Male voice stating "What is this". DOWNLOAD

6. Same distinct "Knock...Knock" as above but on a different recorder. DOWNLOAD

7. Appears to be a male voice stating "Hear a voice" DOWNLOAD

8. Very loud sounding "Hello" DOWNLOAD

9. Male voice can be heard saying "Hey now" DOWNLOAD


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