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The Niagara Amateur Ghost Seekers investigated Butler's Burial Grounds in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario. Below are the results of this investigation:

Notes from GhostBoy:

It was especially dark and I continued towards the crypt and announced who I was and what were doing. I didn’t feel anything at this time and then continued back and saw that the majority of our group was near the tombstones and proceeding down towards he main crypt. I continued up the hill and the team went down. At this time the recorder picked up the word, “August.”

As I watched the last person exiting this area of Butler’s Burial Ground was being followed by an entity. At first I thought it was a teammate but as I focused in I could clearly see that it was transparent and moving unnaturally. I snapped a bunch of pictures as this happened and only one picture developed. The rest were simply black with no visuals. I later found that the last person to leave this area was makeajazznoise and indicated what I have witnessed. At this time the recorder was interrupted and then recorded “I need water.”

We continued our investigation and before leaving we circled and tried to concentrate on the spirits that remain behind. I didn’t get much except for the feeling that we should leave.

Notes from nAz:

Upon arriving at the tomb I was impressed at it’s seclusion. There were houses along the back and to the left, yet it seemed secluded & private.

My initial feelings were nil, nothing. The team and I checked the area including the tombstones.

The most interesting aspect of our visit was makeajazznoise commenting on how the soldiers haven’t had coffee in over a hundred years, so he should finish his Tim Horton’s. After reading about GhostBoy’s evp when the spirit said “I need water” I put the two together!

EVPs Recorded:

1. Male voice says "August", DOWNLOAD An interruption on the tape where virtually no sound is recorded and the crickets fade and then the voice says "I need water" DOWNLOAD

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