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The Niagara Amateur Ghost Seekers (NAGS) returned to Century Manor in Hamilton, Ontario for a follow-up investigation. This time, additional guests were brought in to investigate:

Notes from Dr. Gord:

Having arrived at Century Manor in Hamilton, Ontario at 9:35pm, the NAGS team was eager to start this investigation. The team was joined by Pauline, the psychic from the Shadows of Niagara novel, Beth and the Creepy Bastard team consisting of Elvis, Tommy and Don. We split in to two teams and proceeded on in. On my team were Kevin, David, Beth and Tommy. The other John, Steve, Pauline, Elvis and Don. We headed for the 3rd floor to work our way down while the others worked their way up.

The 3rd floor really gave me no feeling at all. One room I got the feeling of dread but I chalked this up to the fact that the room, while modest in size contained absolutely no windows. It was here that I set up a placement of a penny to see if it would move, upon examining it later, it had not. The rest of rooms minus the lovely lavatory full of love in the toilet provided nothing. From there we headed for the first.

As I approached the 1st floor I was attracted to the 2nd floor. I told David to come with me. It was here that we found three rooms with activity. The first that we found was RM 241. Here David got the name “Albert” and a sensation in the throat. We placed a penny in this room, and found later it had not moved. Next one was RM 237. While David and I were asking the spirits for a sign, here we both felt distinct cold spots in the room. Also everytime I asked for a sign we would get a sound at the radiator. The last room I found with something was RM 220. It was here that I had a mental vision of a elderly woman with short white hair, eyes were either blue/black but she was sitting up in her bed, under a blue blanket, yelling at either me or someone else. It was then that I picked up the name “Miriam”

Due to time restraints, we headed to the first floor. It was here that I received another vision. I didn’t see the room number but it down towards the fire hose. If you are standing in front of it, the room was to the left. I went in and it was here that I had the vision in my head of a young male in his twenties, pacing his room anxiously, wearing a red housecoat. Steve later reported to me that his team had also received a sign of a pacing male in the same room. Other than that was a quiet night.

Notes from GhostBoy:

Equipment Pauline and I Brought:
Trifield EMF Detector
Dr. Gause, Gause Metre
2nd EMF Detector
Chinese Compass
Blessed Salt
White Sage
Navajo Shaman Stone
Eagle Feather
Red Cloud’s Arrow

Revisiting Century Manor was an exciting opportunity for me. I knew this time I would have to be better prepared and so I prepared to protect myself as much as possible. This time I even had with me my Native American items to cleanse and protect me throughout the investigation.

Pauline Raby, the medium I had worked with previously on Shadows of Niagara, was invited to participate in the investigation. Ironically, she had given me a batch of protection items including a Shaman’s stone from the Navajo Tribe of Arizona.

Pauline had no prior knowledge of our previous investigation. In fact, she had no idea where or what she was going to besides it was a structure in Hamilton, Ontario.

Upon arriving at Century Manor, Pauline began walking around and feeling the building out. She had indicated that the building held a lot of energy and we would have a good investigation tonight.

The teams split up, and our team consisted of myself, Pauline, Creepy Bastard, BinaryGuy and Naz. Our team decided to investigate the first floor and we proceeded to the North Wing.

The First Floor

Pauline entered the “Viewing Room” where a two-way mirror split two rooms in one. Here she felt as if chloroform or anesthic was used on a person against their will. She indicated that there is a ghost in this room, but it is very “mild.”

The Gause Metre did not pick up anything unusual in this room, however, the group did feel mild cold spots and a tingling feeling in different areas of this room. The recorder also picked up the name “Paul” in this room.

I exited this room ahead of the team because I could hear audible footsteps in the hallway. When I went to check, no one was there.

The team proceeded to the last room on the left on this wing and I was tagging along in the rear. Immediately my stomach started turning over and I belched. Pauline said that the room was very, very heavy and there was a death associated with it related to digestion and even starvation. She indicated that we may feel frontal pressure on the head while in this space. A few in our group did.

Pauline found where the ghost of this room was hiding. At this time my right hand was twitching and I asked Pauline if she could tell if this person had a nervous twitch to them. Pauline indicated it was more like convulsions than a twitch. BinaryGuy then confirmed he, too, was experiencing a weird feeling on this right hand.

As we investigated this room I saw a flash of light go around Pauline. At this time Pauline said it went behind her and Naz indicated his arm was brushed by something. Everyone noted that the room got suddenly cooler. Pauline indicated that this was a male entity.

As we went through the other rooms Pauline felt the psychometric energies and indicated a lot of it wasn’t related to ghosts at all. We proceeded to the alcove and Pauline said she is getting more male energies. Naz indicated he smelled wood and I confirmed I could smell it also. Pauline also indicated she could smell wood.

In the hall again, I went up to Naz and stared at his face. Something was indicating for me to “Hit Him,” and to “Knock him down.” I did not like these feelings and turned and walked away from the group, down the hall and for a drink. Naz later indicated he knew something was up and began a prayer to his Norse Gods.

We proceeded to another room and Pauline immediately felt something was in it. She proceeded to help the team feel the entities in this space. There was a feeling of coolness in certain locations. When Pauline announced us in this room she said that it was freaking some of the ghosts out. I heard an audible scream after she spoke coming from the hallway. BinaryGuy, Creepy Bastard and I were in a circle and something went right inside. I took a step back and BinaryGuy indicated he could feel it.

A moment later BinaryGuy hushed us and we all heard a moaning sound coming from the hallway. We then exited the room and went to the South Wing of the first floor. Pauline and I entered the first small room (Rm 134) on the left hand side and an EVP of a spirit talking and moaning was recorded here.

Pauline said the person must have went crazy in this room and most likely would have paced the room and touched the walls all the time. Upon exiting Pauline wanted to go directly to Room 126 – the room Creepy Bastard did not want to enter the last time he was in Century Manor. This was the same area I felt something in Room 125 and David in Room 124 on our previous investigation. Something was going on in this corner of the building.

A clear voice indicated on the recorder “Get me water” as we entered room 126. Pauline indicated it was a very suffocating room – the person was asthmatic and had a dry throat. They would cough and spit up.

Another EVP was captured overtop of Pauline’s voice. It says, “I want you,” or perhaps “I warned you.”

BinaryGuy noted that the one wall was cold while another was hot. I felt cobwebs all over my body. Pauline said when she was in the previous room, she heard the ghost say that they were moved to 126. I smelled cedar and others in the group confirmed this wood smell again.

Pauline also wanted to investigate Room 125 and she indicated the room felt clear. Naz indicated the room did not feel bad to him.

We proceeded up the front steps to the 3rd Floor

The Third Floor

The heaviness felt on our previous investigation was felt again by Naz and myself going up the steps. At the top of the steps a sharp pain, almost a stabbing feeling went into both my thighs. I dropped to a squatted position and then composed myself and carried on with the group.

We proceeded into the “Exercise Room” and Pauline felt that it was active on the Third Floor. We proceeded following Pauline’s lead to Room 304 where David felt a lot of energy on our last visit. Here Pauline felt a lot of sadness and abuse attributed to the ghost in this room. She indicated it was disciplined by its parents – perhaps a little too much. We all felt cold spots and a weird energy in this room. I felt that the person(s) in this room were pushed around and even pushed up against the walls. Pauline indicated the ghost was scared to death (no pun intended). And again, she felt it was a male spirit.

Pauline had us perform a sacred circle and invited the spirit to present itself. At this time I was way off balance and felt like falling backwards all the time. Several others felt as if they were being pulled backwards as well. Some felt something brushing the back of their hair.

Pauline felt nothing ghostly in the “Holding Room” however, the name “Kathryn” was presented in this room on the recorder. The voice is identical to my own, however, I never said this name during this investigation. The name Kathryn seems to come up whenever I am with Naz.

Pauline indicated to us that she was told we need to go to another room on this floor and we proceeded to go to the front room. Here we would encounter what the team considered to be a very nasty spirit.

As Elvis entered the room and proceeded to the back Pauline indicated to him that the spirit was right there. Elvis could feel it and Pauline indicated that the word “Slaughter” came to her. She continued to say that this person committed slaughter. Both Naz and I indicated that the ghost was angry and was trying to swear at us. I got “f**k you, you sons of bitches.” And Naz got “f**k you! f**k You! f**k You!”

All in our group were affected by this spirit and we all felt it was big and what some would consider evil. It felt as if the spirit was running around the room and trying to get us out. Pauline indicated we would not be able to communicate with this spirit intelligibly.

I felt as if this ghost strangled someone and was also involved in stabbing his family to death. We left this space and continued down the back steps to the Second Floor.

The Second Floor

Pauline indicated that there was a lot of confusion on this floor. As I walked past everyone I went to the area where I got the name Richard Buckle (Richard Bucke was the actual name of the 1st Superintendent Dr.) As I walked past I called his name and Binary Guy indicated a rush of cold wind went past him just as I did.

Pauline investigated a few rooms but felt only what was left behind, but no ghosts entities. In the hallway Pauline closed a door and the recorder picked up “I see him,” as I walked further down the South Wing.

Pauline felt rapes and sexual abuse occurred in one room of the second floor (the area where the Dr.’s would have been.) Naz indicated he felt that someone’s throat was held and perhaps strangled. Pauline continued to say the person was a person of responsibility.

Pauline entered Room 241 and said she could feel something in there but it was somehow attached to the room next door (Room 238).

In Room 238 Pauline matched my previous statement that the person in this room died there and committed suicide. The light flickered eerily in this room and Pauline continued to say this person was also involved in slashing themselves. Cold spots and weird feelings encompassed our entire group. One time I swore I saw piece of paper fall to the ground, but no one dropped any. Pauline indicated she noticed something also.

An EVP recorded here says, “I can’t get out.”

It was difficult concentrating on this investigation as Pauline was picking up on so many ghosts and feelings in Century Manor and I was trying to catch up to her. It also indicated to us that as a group and individually we can confirm our feelings in the rooms and spaces of this haunted building. Several times Pauline went to the rooms we felt activity in on our previous encounter with Century Manor.

To me, Century Manor is by far the most haunted building in Hamilton.

Notes from nAz:

Like the last investigation, we spilt up into two teams.

Team 1 – Kevin, Dr. Gord, Makeajazznoise, Beth, Tommy

Team 2 – GhostBoy, CreepyBastard, Pauline, BinaryGuy, nAz.

Upon starting the investigation I had two recorders, One, I placed in the middle of the first floor left hallway near the end. The other I carried with me.

Team 2 started the investigation on the right section of the first floor.

Before I begin, let me say that Pauline’s gift is extraordinary. I am glad I was able to be there to experience it. Pauline’s presence also is a credit to the NAGS Team as she confirmed many of the rooms and areas that NAGS targeted on our first trip into the Manor.

The second trip into Century Manor was much different than the last. The atmosphere was more relaxed yet we were rushed. Because of time restraints GhostBoy brought the team to all of the rooms indicated in our last investigation for confirmation through Pauline and the chance to get a clearer understanding / communication with the spirit’s present.

Areas – Events of Note:

Right Wing – 1st Floor:

After we checked the viewing room out, I went into the hallway as I realized I had forgotten to pray to my gods for insight and protection. While I was praying, I noticed GhostBoy walk up to me, stare into my face, then walk away. Puzzled by his actions, I asked him later on why he did that. He informed me that he had this overwhelming urge to hit me. Interesting, did a spirit know what I was doing & wanted to interrupt?

Small room with “dutch” doors with adjoining office space. Here we could sense a spirit pacing between rooms. You could literally feel the spirit moving from room to room. Here is where I got the evp “Out, Get Out”.

3rd Floor:

Heading up to the 3rd floor, I again felt that strange apprehension. GhostBoy felt it as well, for we both stopped on the stair case near the 3rd floor at the same time.

Small room at top of stairs. Here is where I got the evp “There’s a girl up here”.

Shortly after entering the “gym” my recorder picked a female scream.

Room 304:

Here the spirit’s were running around the room. Pauline was attempting to find out more about the spirit(s), but they kept moving back and forth. We formed a circle & let the spirit’s know we meant them no harm. While in the circle many felt that they were being pulled backwards & Ghostboy actually stumbled back. During the circle, the “baby” finger of my right hand felt hot! Pauline said it was part of a inner dowsing mechanism. While in circle, it was discovered that the spirit in the room was disciplined heavy in life & was nervous with our presence.

Room 303 (?):

This is the room I did not even see the last time I was here. Oddly enough I didn’t even pick up on spirit activity here.

Room 302 (?):

Whoa. This room had activity from the moment I entered. After I took several steps in I actually started to drool. Everyone’s voice seemed muddled. I actually had difficulty listening to what Pauline & the team were saying. Was this the result of this individual being drugged? When I got near the back of the room I was overwhelmed with the spirit’s rage. I got annoyed with the team & actually at one point wanted to start screaming “Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck!!!” I was too overcome with this emotion to really pick up on anything else.

Room 305 (?):

Small room with bathroom at the top of the back stairs.

While standing in front of the open door, I felt something rush by me and enter the room. Pauline felt it as well. She stated it went into the bathroom & was gone. Pauline asked if the window was broken as the spirit had disappeared. We pushed open the bathroom door & shone a flashlight into the room, sure enough, the window was broken!

I’d like to apologize to you the reader of this report. The 2nd floor of Century Manor was a blur. We went to every room of note during our last investigation. In every room & even some others we encountered spiritual activity. It was also on this floor that our escort had come to inform us that our time was up. This had rushed our time as well. Quite possibly I can blame the sense of confusion on this floor for my lack of mental & physical note taking as well. J

I’d like to thank CreepyBastard, Tommy & Binary Guy for inviting NAGS to Century Manor for a second visit!

What I would love to do is spend several hours just listening to the activity at this location. Century Manor is worth the time and effort!


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