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The Niagara Amateur Ghost Seekers (NAGS) investigated the Decou House Ruins. This would be the last investigation as the original team.

Notes from GhostBoy:

This was one of many visits to the Decew House Ruins and probably one of the most interesting for myself.

Steve and I arrived early to the site and remained in the vehicle. It was especially dark, however, we both could see some movement out and around the vehicle. Once we stepped outside I could feel something go up my back and to the top of my head. The top of my head felt numb and it tingled for a few seconds.

Steve indicated he could see specks of light and I, too, could see these. We tried to find a logical explanation such as leaves reflecting light falling from the trees. We weren’t satisfied with any answer and noticed that the lights went up on occasion and sometimes whooshed about.

Kevin, Dave and Gord arrived and the feelings and movements almost dissipated. We continued into the house via the backdoor and felt out the area. We made a brief circle but I broke off because I was sensing something happening at the back of the house. I lit my conch shell and presented white sage as an offering and cleansing. We all took part in this impromptu native ceremony.

I also brought along an oval mirror to attempt scrying. I asked Steve if he would like to try first and he did. I went to explore the property and met with Gord who was in the back of house sitting on the triangular rock. I could sense movement, but nothing much more.

I was the next to try the scrying, and when I compared notes with Steve some of the events that happened during the scrying were eerily similar.

Dave then indicated he could see a young girl looking into the window. The name “Emily” stuck with me. I then proceeded to interview the team individually for a video for the web site. At this time Dave brought me to a site where he said he had a vision of a woman doing laundry. When he described it I could smell soap. We explored but did not find anything more.

Steve and I continued to follow the back trail where we sensed movement and we tried to communicate with the spirits of the natives. Steve recorded the whole event.

I concluded the night with a very uplifting feeling and my scrying attempt proved interesting. I was shown things that made it very enjoyable. It wasn’t a scary location, nor did I feel fear. I simply felt satisfied afterward. Personal answers were given during this investigation that meant a lot to me.

Notes from nAz:

GhostBoy and I rode to the Decew House together. As we waited for the rest of the team to arrive we kept noticing activity (movement) near the vehicle and in the parking lot.

After watching for some time I decided to have a cigarette outside of GhostBoy’s car. I stood near the field with my back to the parking lot. We kept noticing small “pin” lights randomly around the field. I don’t know if it’s too late for fireflies, but it may be that, fireflies.

As I finished my cigarette I got this strong impression of “native” and a presence drawn to the tobacco. This is promising to be an active night.

The rest of the NAGS team arrived, we said our hello’s and got right to it. GhostBoy brought a mirror with a wooden frame for scrying and white sage to burn for cleansing & for the spirit.

While the team was getting ready to start GhostBoy lit the white sage & we all “washed” with the smoke. I saw activity near the back of the property & started to feel what was there. GhsotBoy brought the mirror out with a candle and asked me if I wanted to give scrying a try.

I saw down at the entrance of the ruins & started to meditate on the mirror. Before I begin explaining what happened let me say I must attempt this with no one around to distract. Camera flashes and cars going by interrupted me several times. Ok, back to the mirror. Once, the entire mirror went black. Next I saw my face and from the top of my eyes down past my chin, my face looked like it was painted black. Just the outside edges of my face was still white. Another time it looked like my head was a skull. After another distraction, it appeared that I was looking at my face in the water, there was a rippled effect, it cleared, then I saw what appeared to be several cuts on my forehead and face. I actually reached up and touched my forehead to see. What these visions mean, I don’t know. I just know what I saw. This is something for me to try another time!

After my scrying attempt, I went into the field and walked over to the triangular stone. I felt the native presence again and offered some of my tobacco to the spirits. I could feel activity in the field behind me so I sat down on the rock and asked them to present themselves. I let them know that I meant them no harm & that I was there to honor them. Shortly after I said that I got a vision of a wolf jumping out of the bush straight at me. I again thanked the spirits and left.

GhostBoy interviewed the Team on video & Makeajazznoise shared with us a vision he had. I’ll let him explain what he saw.

After the interviews were finished GhostBoy and I were drawn to the path that leads to the river. Walking along the path I stopped to figure out the feeling I got that that spot. GhostBoy was looking behind us and mentioned activity behind us like we were being followed. I could sense it as well & figured out what the feeling around me was. Village or camp. Native, not “white”. GhostBoy and I started to speak to the spirits present again and both of us heard what sounded like “jingling” or tack from a horse.

I have been to Decew house on several occasions. Because of these investigations, I have formulated this opinion. The remains of the house and surrounding property are active, but the spirits there are reserved.

Notes from David:

An impromptu, unexpected investigation led to one of the most interesting experiences I’ve ever had on one of our outings.

Upon arrival we had some out of the ordinary things planned for the night, and we did our typical “circle” earlier in the investigation than we normally would. During the circle my attention kept being drawn to an area towards the northwest corner of the remains. Once we broke up, the various team members took turns sitting with a mirror while the others roamed the grounds. I went to the area, approximately 5 feet from the west wall and 8-20 feet from the north wall, numerous times. Each time I felt a tingling sensation, and oddly, was compelled to lean forward whenever I stood there. I also got a sense of a teenage girl peering into what was once a window scared by what she saw. This was all within the structure.

I eventually began touring the grounds surrounding the remains. I remained fascinated with the window I had sensed the girl at, but got nothing from the outside of the building when out front or to the west side. I went back through the structure and repeated my tingling and leaning forward sensation… and when I went through to the back little did I realize I was about to walk into one of my most memorable N.A.G.S. experiences.

As I walked past the east wall of the building I actually had a vision. For a brief moment it was daylight, I saw from behind between two trees a woman hunched over something. She raised both arms up and was stretching them out and I could hear water dripping as if into a bucket. The vision dissipated, and while I was processing what had happened I asked Kevin if he heard water dripping. He discarded it as the wind whistling, I quickly disputed that and walked to the running stream to see if that possibly could have been what I heard… but it was at least 150-200 yards away. I went back to the area and realized that it was between two old trees. There was also an area surrounded by stonework which we speculated may have had a well in the centre at one point in time.

What I saw and the sound is burned into my mind. I briefly saw a woman hunched over, doing laundry by hand. She was between 2 trees in which a line could have been stretched for drying. It only lasted a second, but Im still astounded – where did that come from?!


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