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The Niagara Amateur Ghost Seekers (NAGS) investigate a second private home in St. Catharines, Ontario.

Notes From GhostBoy:

The second investigation the N.A.G.S. team concluded was a referral to a home near downtown St. Catharines . The home was said to be built prior to 1922, but an exact date was not specified other than the home was one of the very first farmhouses in the neighbourhood.

The two-story structure has and is undergoing renovations and the family has reported strange occurrences within the home over the past few years. The family had visited a medium prior to our investigation to see if they could answer any questions about the home or its possible spirits.

Without any prior knowledge of the home or its suspected haunts, Dr. Gord and I proceeded to enter the home first. I began to explain how I try to communicate with the dead and what I look for in the way of evidence. I let Dr. Gord come to his own conclusions on where and what he felt.

The first floor of the home seemed a little different in the second living room and felt as if it was used heavily by a spirit entity that walks back and forth in the room as if pacing.

Upon entering the upstairs I was immediately drawn to the daughter’s bedroom and noticed a difference immediately. I wrote the word “July” and the name “Julie” and also felt that this spirit was a young girl who is very protective and supportive of the daughter. This spirit, I believe, has nothing to do with the home, nor the activity taking place within it.

The upstairs bathroom made me uneasy and almost sick to my stomach but again I felt no ghostly activity would be taking place here. I proceeded to the Master Bedroom where I also, did not feel ghostly activity would be taking place.

The basement of this home provided much more activity for both myself and Dr. Gord. When we opened a line of communication to the spirits in the home, several dark spots and then light spots appeared before us. Dr. Gord did not witness these but commented that the room was fading in and out. The light creeping down the basement stairs did little as a darkness engulfed the basement. We both felt cold chills and Dr. Gord saw a “spark” of light.

The investigation continued with other NAGS teammates and finally we all entered the home. Several of us felt uneasy, shortness of breathe, cold chills and the slight touch of a ghost. In the basement, again the darkness engulfed a certain area of the room and completely blocked out David’s head. Throughout the basement investigation my balance was thrown off and several times I had to stop to regain composure. The ghost, it felt, was a male, but very elusive and perhaps angered.

At one point Dr. Gord had something behind him, which several team members indicated looked like a “bump” or a dark shape. Beyond the shape, the objects in view were somewhat distorted. I attempted to touch the ghost but it faded before I could.

I sensed the male ghost died of a heart-attack but an EVP would reveal something different, but perhaps related. Several of us experienced shortness of breath, a heaviness on the chest and general discomfort in the throat area. One EVP captured records a ghost indicating after I questioned: “Do you know you are dead?”

The answer was simple: “I drowned.”

In conclusion, this was a very active home and the ghosts within presented themselves to all team members present, even the skeptics. To me the child spirit named Julie in the upstairs quarter of the house is a protector and not a disturbance to this family.

\The other ghost present, the male, is the one disrupting the living. Perhaps he is confused and his confusion is communicated with what we would perceive as an angry ghost.

In the final discussion with the family my first question was: “Who is Julie?” The homeowners indicated that the medium they spoke to earlier said Julie or Julie-Ann was the name of a spirit within the home protecting them.

My sincere appreciation goes out to the family who allowed us access to such a great home and encounter. I am thankful not only to the family, but the extended family as well, who were patient and appreciative. I hope NAGS is able to return to this home to conduct future investigations.

Notes From Dr. Gord:

"On July 17th,2005 we, the NAGS team, investigated a private residence in St.Catharines. The home was estimated to have been built in the 1920's. The house is a small 3 bedroom house that is under renovation at the moment. Being the resident skeptic of the group I volunteered to enter the house first with John to observe his techniques and perhaps have an experience of my own. Entering the house, John and I were shown around the homestead. Let me tell you, for a house built so long ago, it was quite the quaint little set up. Upon being left alone in the house, John unloaded his stuff in the kitchen while giving me some tips on how to do an investigation from his side of the coin. For some reason, as he was talking, I was curiously drawn to the back left hand corner of what was the former dining room, I don't know why but for some reason I was drawn there. We took some pictures of the main floor, and even attempted communication with whatever spirit was present there, in the 2nd living room where I was drawn to the corner. Upon receiving no initial contact, John decided we should head upstairs.

Going up the narrow staircase we reached the upstairs section where the three bedrooms were located. Entering in to the son's room I took some pictures and then moved out to leave John to do his thing and I moved on to the second bedroom which belonged to the daughter. Upon entering the room I felt an uneasy feeling in my chest. I accounted this to just my brain imagining things due to the darkness. I took some pictures and then John came in the room. I stepped out of the room temporarily to let John in. He sat down and took some notes, which I am sure he will report in his documentation. We then turned on the room light and set up a coin experiment and it was at this time that John told me that he felt a presence in the room and that his arm hair was sticking up. I looked down at my left arm and lo and behold, so was mine. Hmm strange I thought. From this room we entered down the hall to the master bedroom. I took some more pictures around the room but generally felt nothing. A brief stop off to examine the bathroom, where John felt nauseous but I felt nothing though the air was a little thick and it was downstairs we went.

Back in the kitchen it was decided it was time to investigate the basement. Going down in to the basement, you could feel a change in the air density. At first I attributed this to the humidity in the house as the air conditioning has been turned off but soon it was apparent that there was much more going on than met the eye. Taking some pictures and walking around the two rooms in the basement after I came out from the back one I stepped in an indentation in the floor of the main basement and immediately had a hard time breathing. This baffled me as I have no breath related health issues. I pointed this out to John who decided we should try to make contact with the spirit residing here. We took a stance about 8 feet apart from one another and turned out the lights. John expressed that we were there just to communicate and to mean no harm and that's when the fun began. I noticed that John started to fade in and out! Literally he would go all dark and then return and then all dark again, at first I accredited this to my eyes continously adjusting to the dark until I saw a spark in the air. A tiny little blue spark, floating for a brief moment in the middle of the room, was not near the floor or wires hanging in the rafters but more at waist level. After turning on the light we looked around, and although we found a bug it was not the kind to reflect that sort of light. Puzzling it was to say the least.

Now deciding that we should let the others investigate the house, we went outside for some fresh air and so that yours truly could enjoy a cigarette after that fun time had in the basement. The others went through the house and upon exiting the house told of some strange occurances as well. It was then decided that we should all go in to the house and attempt communication with the presence. We all entered the house after giving the family time to freshen up as it was humid outside, we then locked the door and began our work.

In the old dining room/second living room, we formed a circle and with John leading the way, we attempted to communicate. Quite a few team members including myself, experienced some temperature changes and hairs raising on our limbs, although not strong, it was still there to feel something. I still have no explanation for these experiences. With the other members waiting in the kitchen, John and I headed upstairs to check the coins we had left up there. No movement was recorded on any of them. Back downstairs we headed in to the basement that we had all had some experiences previously. Forming a circle, we again with John in the lead, attempted communication. Here we all felt temperature changes, watched both David and Stephen fade in and out of the darkness. One thing I did notice was that the person that was fading always stated that they felt very very cold. The strangest experience of the night was when the four team members noticed something behind my right shoulder. Now if it just would have been one or two people then I would have dismissed it as something but the fact that all of the other four team members saw this formation behind me makes me believe that something indeed must have been there. Even though there was something behind me I felt no fear at all.

All in all this was a very productive investigation and shared our knowledge with the family of the house and put them at rest that nothing needs to be feared within the house and that all will be fine."

Notes From David:

Well first off I would like to thank the owners of the home, for anonymitys sake we'll call them husband, wife, son, daughter and baby. As well thanks to the relatives involved - all of you deserve thanks for allowing us inside while you all stood outside throughout it all. Your patience was appreciated.

kevin, nAz and myself were the second team to enter the home, as GhostBoy and Dr.Gord did the first tour. The initial room we encountered was passed right through, and in hindsight maybe was disregarded too quickly - as it was well lit and noisy, and of course we were eager to explore the rest of the home. The second room I felt drawn to a corner with a loveseat in it. I scanned the area with the EMF with no result... and other than the initial chill I felt to draw me there I had no sense of paranormal activity at this point. I discounted it as adrenaline and my desire to experience something, and moved on. We spent a little time on the main floor but soon went upstairs.

Going up the stairs and through the hallways I felt a bit unsettled, and I discounted that as trepidation anyone might have when investigating a reported haunted locale. I glanced into a couple of rooms and stood in a doorway... but the first room I entered was the parents' room that they currently share with their baby. After a minute or two in the room was the first time I felt a wave of cold come over me, and I found it difficult (but not unable) to breath. It was as if there was a weight on my chest and my throat constricted. It was in this room that I got my only readings/activity on the EMF moments later. The first time I was standing near the end of the crib that was beside the parents bed. Kevin took a picture the moment after it first lit up, and then stated something to the effect of "may be from wiring in the walls". I waved that device all over the walls and ceiling and corner and got nothing; as well... the sensor was in the middle of the air when it went off the first time, as it did a second time walking past the crib as well. I look forward to seeing the pictures.

We moved along through a large bathroom feeling uneasy - but that was likely due to the experience I had just had in the master bedroom. There were no significant findings in this room, and kevin and nAz moved along to enter the sons bedroom. As it was crowded, I went down the hall into the daughters bedroom alone. Initially in this room I thought I felt a presence, but the feeling dissapated once the others entered the room. I left them there to investigate the sons room myself, and felt nothing out of the ordinary there. Due to the experience I had in my first visit to the master bedroom I felt compelled to go back there... but the second trip did not produce any findings.

Once we got downstairs nAz was overwhelmed by a feeling at the bottom of the stairs that is best left for him to explain... but due to this we spent some time in the dining room. As I gave away in a previous statement, I got no readings from the EMF, but kevin got at least one interesting photo at this point.

We then passed through the kitchen (uneventful) and made our way into the basement. Admittedly, I feel that we made too much noise going in and possibly disturbed any spirits that may have been waiting. One of the family members sitting on the front porch (which we were behind/under) stated she heard some unexplained banging seemingly from under the porch... but this is likely a coincidence (or is it?). We did settle down and sit quietly for a few minutes on the floor, and after awhile I did feel a couple times a wave of cold overcome parts of my body. I am eager to hear the recordings, and potential evps, from this visit - this quiet sit down may produce the first of any results captured, as I suspected a presence in the room at this point.

After we went outside awhile to not compare notes, the family members went inside to get drinks, use facilities and the baby was put to bed. We chatted, laughed outside and took some pictures and those who smoke did so. The five of us then went back in together. We had decided outside not to talk about our seperate experiences so we wouldnt influence each others' opinions going through any rooms once back inside. As the baby was asleep upstairs we did not go back up. The five of us talked a bit about our findings, and stood in a circle in the second room in from the door on the main floor. It was here, with GhostBoy doing most of the talking, that we announced ourselves and encouraged any spirits to present themselves. I must give immense credit to GhostBoy, obviously the most experienced ghosthunter of the group and definitely well versed. I will leave the explanation of what was said to him, but during this session I felt numerous cold waves come and go, and at least once I was moved. Not shoved or not even bumped - I did not feel a touch... however I had to step forward and step back again to keep my balance. I believe everyone in the group had some form of experience in this circle, but the best is yet to come...

We went as a group into the basement. After exploring a bit and talking we formed another circle. It was here that all involved encountered what cannot be easily discounted by skeptics (Im daring ya here Dr.Gord!). Throughout our session GhostBoy again tried to communicate with any spirits, and everyone at different times felt waves of cold come over parts, or all, of themselves. I cant speak for everyone, but I as well as others felt movement brushing against me, my ankle, and later my arm. We agreed that the sprit we encountered was toying with us and being elusive. We had visual encounters as well. There seemed to be moving dark spots, in which we just could not see what was just there... and our eyes were accustomed to the dark by this point. More than one team member agreed that while I felt a cold wave (we all would state out loud what we felt throughout) that he could not see me. At one point nAz was stating he felt cold and I agree... I could not see his head. I could see his legs, torso and arms. The top of his chest was visible and he was just a dark spot from there up - I cannot explain this much better than that. We were in a dark room, but our eyes were adjusted and I could see his light colored shorts, white legs & shoes, his dark shirt wasnt visible but where the sleeves ended you could see his arms and a portion of his chest/neck there at top of his shirt. His bald head and goatee should have been visible but they just werent. At one point at least three of us agreed and saw an ?object? or a shadow/bulge on Dr.Gord's shoulder. GhostBoy attempted to touch it but could not. At this time looking over Gords shoulder (there was some ambient light behind him from the stairwell) it appeared distorted or hazy. Almost like looking above a barbeque, when the heat distorts everything a bit just above the grill. Gord later in the car expressed his dissappointment that we didnt have any hamburgers. (maybe next time). Since the spirit would not present itself to us, we decided to all turn around facing outwards, our backs to the center of the circle. It was then that nAz and I both saw movement going into the next room. We gradually went in, Ghostboy assuring the spirit that we were not "chasing" it or following it, merely trying to respect and communicate with it, and advised the spirit that it was alright for it to be here, as it was for the family to be there. While I often have been skeptical of reports of feeling sick/nausea in haunted locales, at this point I experienced it. We soon adjourned upstairs and invited the family back into their own house! They were very hospitable and we shared our findings and had a few laughs too. GhostDave had shown up while we were inside and while he didnt join in on the investigation he as always provided a few laughs and kept the kids in a good mood. I personally was thrilled at this evenings experience and I hope that we get another chance to investigate this home.

In hindsight it may be wrong to consider that spirt we encountered downstairs as mischevious or elusive. Ghostboy later made a good point that the spirit may be confused as to why we were, and the family is there, and its own inability to control what is happening in the home it inhabits.

Notes From nAz:

Upon arriving at the house, GhostBoy and Dr. Gord kicked off the investigation by entering first.

Kevin, Makeajazznoise and I entered next.

The initial emotion I picked up on in the house was apprehension.

The upstairs had two bedrooms to the right & the master bedroom at the end of the hall on the left. Near the two bedrooms on the right, I picked up on a female energy. I could not associate it with anything specific; I could just sense a female. Next I was drawn to the master bedroom. Here I could pick up some strong emotions. Protection, warning & intrusion. I felt that we were the intruders & were being warned. Is the spirit protecting the family?

We made our way downstairs & as I hit the bottom stair, I had the wind knocked out of me. I had to gasp for breath & was immediately overwhelmed with a sickening sweet smell of flowers.

Next, I made my way back into the “dining” area under renovation. When I entered the doorway my throat closed up on me. I could feel it constrict then slowly clear up.

The basement was next place we visited. Unfortunately I was too wrapped up in thought about the two above incidents to fully concentrate.

After the basement we made our way back outside, met up with the other team members & reentered the home. We formed a circle in the Dining room & attempted to communicate with the spirit(s) there. Next we did the same thing in the basement. This was the most “productive”. This is where I picked up on the negative attitude of the male spirit. This was the first time that we as a group confirmed with each other the activity in the house. It was at this time my recorder picked up the evp “Their making up stuffs” also the evp a little later on “around the crib”. After we formed the circle, I was able to pick up the attitude/emotion that the spirit was just messing with us, almost taunting us. I actually laughed out loud. GhostBoy lost his balance several times, bumping into a bicycle & staggering forward, team members were touched & the spirit was in the center of us blocking the view of other members. Team members were touched & experienced temperature drops as the spirit moved among us.

After our 2nd trip into the basement we sat down with the family & had a excellent question & answer period. I’d like to thank the family for the opportunity to visit their home.

EVPs Recorded:

1. A male voice in the basement stating "Their Makin' Up Stuffs" DOWNLOAD

2. A child stating in the basement "Their around the crib". DOWNLOAD

3. A child stating in the basement "Hold me" or "Hug me". DOWNLOAD

4. A male voice stating in the basement "Father hear me now". DOWNLOAD

5. A male voice stating in the basement "I drowned". DOWNLOAD

6. A male voice stating in the master bedroom "Paul or Paw". DOWNLOAD

7. A male voice in the daughters bedroom "Unidentified". DOWNLOAD

8. A male voice stating while exiting the stairway "He's leaving". DOWNLOAD


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