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The Niagara Amateur Ghost Seekers (NAGS) investigated Niagara Falls' Screaming Tunnel. NAGS was accompanied by guest investigator Toadfuss. Below are the results of the investigation:

Notes from GhostBoy:

The Screaming Tunnel in Niagara Falls is one of Canada’s most widely-known haunted hot spots. The legend of the Screaming Tunnel has been handed down to generation to generation and each time I hear the story – the legend is different.

What is for certain is that there are spirits trapped within the walls of the tunnel. As outlined in my investigations with Pauline Raby for the book Shadows of Niagara, these entities appear as if they have been disrespected by teenager and adults looking for a quick scare.

On the NAGS investigation of The Screaming Tunnel it was continually being visited to by crowds of teens and adults looking to test the legend. After much giggling and screaming the teens and adults left the tunnel.

I entered the tunnel first and took only a few steps into its dark, muddy interior. I could feel the energy of the tunnel and announced that we were not there to disrespect the entities as did the previous individuals. NAZ and I entered the tunnel together and walked its length. Near the end of the tunnel I asked NAZ if he could hear a female talking. He indicated he had not and the recorder did not pick the voice up. NAZ and I split up several times while in the tunnel. At this point I was just “feeling” an energy present, but could not detect any other paranormal activity.

Toadfuss joined us within the tunnel and said he could see little “lights” zipping about. NAZ said that he seen these also, but I could not see them. Toadfuss had to make an exit and so we said our good-byes and then continued our investigation.

Kevin, Dr. Gord and makeajazznoise continued through the tunnel and to the house ruins behind the tunnel. As expected, they did not find any town, nor any other buildings as indicated by other paranormal web sites.

Meanwhile, Naz and myself remained in the tunnel and we decided it may be best to contact the spirit at the front of the tunnel (near Warner Rd.) We had our equipment set up and asked very specific questions of the spirit. Naz indicated he could see the lights flashing and zipping about again. I did not see these, however, a misty horse figure appeared at one point. I also received the name of “James”.

After asking specific and probing questions of the spirit I decided to push the envelope further and ask the spirit if he knew he was dead and continued on this topic. Suddenly, without warning the back of my neck was pinched very hard. I swore and grabbed my neck and proceeded out of the tunnel. The feeling stopped almost instantly but the pinched tendons and muscles ached.

Physical evidence of a ghost is no surprise to me and I decided to return where I had left Naz and ask some specific questions about the sensation I had felt such as: “Why did you do that?” Is this the pain you have felt?” etc. etc. I did not get a reply.

The group joined us shortly thereafter and we congregated near the spot where two independent psychics felt the spirit of the female would be (More details of this can be found in the book Shadows of Niagara).

At this point, Dr. Gord indicated he felt cold on one side. Kevin, also indicated he could feel it. I moved in behind Dr. Gord and could also feel it near his left side. However, I kept my attention on the opposite end of our group because I could see faint movements out of the corner of my eye. Naz later stated he saw and felt the same. Makeajazznoise made a comment that the tunnel seemed to get darker and it appeared so. We didn’t get anything else out of this space and so we moved to our second location where I was physically touched.

At this point we made our circle and tried to make contact with the spirit. Dr. Gord indicated that he could see something on the ground, but none of our team could see it. We continued this investigation, however, nothing out of the ordinary occurred thereafter.

Notes from nAz:

This was my second trip to the Screaming Tunnel, my first with the NAGS team. The Team met up with Toadfuss onsite.

GhostBoy entered the tunnel first, I followed soon behind. The rest of the Team & Toadfuss waited at the entrance.

Near the end of the tunnel GhostBoy asked if I had heard a female voice, I did not, nor did my recorder pick up anything. I ventured through the tunnel and investigated the rear, checking out the new construction. After returning to the “entrance” the rest of the team went to investigate the “well” and surrounding area leaving GhostBoy, Toadfuss & myself.

It’s important to note that during this investigation several groups of people interrupted as they too checked out the tunnel and it’s urban legend.

When GhostBoy, Toadfuss & myself reentered the tunnel, that when things started to pick up. Both Toadfuss and I picked up on little lights “swirling” about. Toadfuss remained near the “rear” of the tunnel and GhostBoy and I went to the front to attempt communication. GhostBoy started asking questions of the spirit. Suddenly, GhostBoy clasped the back of his neck as if in pain. He walked away towards towards the front of the tunnel while I remained where I was. When GhostBoy came back he asked the spirit not to do that again & continued questioning the spirit.

The rest of the NAGS team came back in time for two carloads of people to arrive and Toadfuss to leave. After the people had left, the entire NAGS team attempted to communicate with the spirit’s in the tunnel. We first started at the rear of the Tunnel.

While in a circle, members of the group mentioned cold spots & I saw movement in the center of the tunnel. I could not sense anything specific except for the feeling that the spirit was holding back. Next we attempted the same thing at the entrance to the tunnel.
While in circle, Dr.Gord saw something near the ground, again towards the center of the tunnel. Nothing else was felt nor seen during this session.

What I can say about my personal experiences in the tunnel was this, several times while I was walking in the tunnel I could feel someone walking next to me. As I was with GhostBoy, I thought it was him, but he was either several feet ahead or behind.

EVPs Recorded:

1. Male voice asking "Are you some demon?" DOWNLOAD the same EVP slowed down to make it more understandable DOWNLOAD

2. John states "I 'm here to help you" a male voice replies with "Hey". DOWNLOAD

3. John states "Touch us" and a male voice replies "How?" DOWNLOAD

4. John says that Pauline will come, and a male voice says "John". DOWNLOAD

5. Male voice, it is currently undetermined what is being said at the regular speed it was recorded. DOWNLOAD the same EVP slowed down DOWNLOAD

6. John states "Please respond", and a male voice states "Not exactly home". DOWNLOAD

7. John states "Is it when we asked it to present.", nAz says "Yes" and over top you hear a male voice clearly state "NO!". DOWNLOAD

8. nAz states "Other times it was just the red and the orange flashes", a male voice can be heard at the end of this sentence, but what is said is undetermined. DOWNLOAD


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