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The Niagara Amateur Ghost Seekers investigated the historic Fort Mississauga in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario. Below are the results of this investigation:

Notes from GhostBoy:

We continued our tour to Fort Mississauaga and along the trail the team felt a very cold chill take over and then leave a minute or so later. It was a hot night and the coldness felt was never truly encountered again that night. We entered the fort and turned right and towards the first powder magazine tunnel. Inside I could feel a presence that was annoyed and defensive. A bat then decided to fly around me and cling to my leg and then my shoulder. It let go and I proceeded out as to not disturb it. I sat near the stump with Naz and stared at the sky. At this time I was getting words which sounded Native. “Oni na Ganashe” was repeated. Research indicates that these sounding words mean “Water” in the Seneca Language. Senaca peoples could have visited or stayed for periods of time at this ancient native fishing village (now Fort Mississauga).

Naz indicated that he could see something in the far field and indicated that his eyes were not allowing him to focus in that direction. I witnessed several strange lights and shadows in that direction but could not pin-point anything. Naz and I continued around the Blockhouse and through the tunnel. The feeling of being watched was the only thing I could report on. We exited the tunnel and met up with the rest of the team. At this time Naz saw a shadow near the second powder magazine. I investigated second and alone. I was presented with a full-figure apparition of a man and got the name “Robert” – a name that continually is recorded on EVP in this area. I asked if I could proceed and asked if the team was allowed to continue and it nodded. I could not focus on any one part of the face. When I looked at the eyes, it faded and I could see a nose and chin and shoulder. When I focused in on that part the top part of the head was visible. I told the team to go meet Robert and they entered the tunnel. Later, I proceeded into the tunnel with them and we concentrated and asked for the ghost of Robert to make himself known. At this time, makeajazznoise indicated that the entrance to the tunnel was getting “smoky” and we felt various cold chills but nothing of immediate interest.

Then we heard footsteps outside the entranceway and a twig snap. Kevin investigated and saw nothing. The footsteps continued and then I investigated and saw no living person. Comfortable we weren’t being interrupted by anyone we continued to the first tunnel and here the activity level rose.

I felt two spirits in this area. One old, and one younger, but not too young. The older one was more inviting and entertained by us whereas the young one felt we were trespassing and dishonouring his land. When we concentrated and tried to communicate with the spirit I said “You are of the spirit world” and immediately I felt a very cold chill run through my entire body and my internal organs felt they were spastic and then tied in knots. I was not comfortable and asked the spirit not to do this. It complied and we continued and felt various cold chills. Naz made the comment that “This is a microphone it will record your voice” and immediately I could here the words, “Don’t your ears work?” The entranceway got extremely dark at certain times and the feeling of being held across the shoulder was present near the end. When we exited I was asked to “bring tobacco” when I visited again.

Fort Mississauga was definitely the highlight to our Niagara on the Lake tour.

Notes from nAz:

The walk up to the Fort started my night. There was a very cold breeze that I felt only that once. I commented on it to GhostBoy & he confirmed the temperature drop. That same breeze was not felt again.

Upon arriving at the front gates of the Fort, I was greeted with the feeling of welcome back. I personally have visited the Fort on several occasions. This was my first time visiting with the NAGS team.

After we were through the gates, the team went their different ways to investigate the grounds as some has never been to the Fort. GhostBoy went into the right hand side magazine & I stood looking at the Blockhouse. GhostBoy came out telling me of what he had heard & joined me on the earthworks near the hollowed out stump. While sitting at the stump getting a feel of the activity there, I noticed movement in the open common area to the right. The strange thing was, my eyes wouldn’t focus on that spot. Everything was a blur. Now keep in mind I work midnights so my night vision isn’t lacking. I saw shadows & white lights. The activity disappeared when the team came back through the tunnel to the river bank.

GhostBoy and I then made our way through the tunnel to the river & checked the area out. When we came back through, I saw a shadow figure infront of the second magazine.

GhostBoy investigated & then returned saying go in and ask to see Robert. The team and I went to investigate. This is when my recorder picked up “Get Out”. While we were in the powder magazine the entrance when smoky & distorted, then we heard activity outside. We heard footsteps & a twig snap. Kevin initially investigated & found no one. This activity ended our session inside the magazine. The team decided to hold a similar session to communicate with the spirits in the first magazine. Here is where the activity increased. Immediately I felt a presence in the “room” with us. GhostBoy must have as well, as he said out loud “Do you know that you are in the spirit world?” Immediately after making that statement GhostBoy’s breathing became labored & I felt a negative emotion. It actually made me worry. Right after GhostBoy’s breathing returned to normal, my external microphone that I was holding wiggled 3 times as if someone touched it. I said out loud “This is a microphone, if you speak it can record your voice.” Oddly the recorder did not pick up this movement. Several of the team members reported cold spots in the room & the dark mist at the entrance. When we left GhostBoy reported hearing “bring tobacco”. That ended our night.

EVPs Recorded:

1. I greet Robert, the apparition I saw and it answers me and recognizes me saying. "Robert...John" DOWNLOAD

2. Male voice stating "Get out" DOWNLOAD


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