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Upon hearing reports of ghostly activity at a cemetery, the NAGS team couldn't wait to investigate. Also, having held a contest to bring a guest to an up-coming investigation, we brought the contest winner to this location as a warm-up.

Notes from GhostBoy:

There have been several reports of ghostly encounters with the small undisclosed cemetery in Sty. Catharines. Witnesses have claimed to see a full-apparition walk from buildings towards and into the cemetery grounds. Strange lights have also been reported within the cemetery by passing motorists.

We approached the cemetery grounds cautiously and made our way to a large monument. There we continued inside the cemetery drawn as a group to the rear corner. As I tried to snap photos my camera began malfunctioning. First the flash did not work, then it simply refused to take pictures, then the LCD display did not work. Then suddenly, as I made a comment that I was here to respect the land and to simply communicate the camera started operating fine once again.

As I approached two old tombstones (circa 1830s) Naz said he was drawn to the same tombstones. The group started splitting off, in pairs, alone and in groups. I could very plainly see a young male child skip off down the one side of the cemetery and vanish into the darkness. I got the name Joshua Harding. It felt as if this child was not buried at the cemetery, nor was he stuck or grounded. He simply made visitations because for him, it was a familiar place or a place he went to as a child.

Some of the group were drawn down an embankment while I remained on top trying to see if I could gather more information about the child. Naz sat down and concentrated and I left him alone and stood watch to see if the child would reappear. I did not tell the group my findings at this point, other than I suspected activity and that I got a name. I encouraged everyone to open themselves up and gather names.

Later the group gathered around to attempt communication. Naz indicated he felt he was being pulled down, felt “small” and said he felt like a male child looking up at the group. His feelings got so intense, he broke off and later returned. Jenn C., our guest for the evening, said she could sense a little boy also, with brown hair. She also indicated she got a name Margaret-Ann and Kevin said he also received the name Ann previously.

With Naz rejoining the group several members and Jenn C. heard a woman’s moan and a man’s sigh. I also received the feelings of being watched and the feeling that someone was walking towards our group. I got two EVPs here that sound like a squeaky child.

We broke off into groups to explore the cemetery further. At one time I received the obscure name of Ebenezer and later on in the investigation Kevin and Jenn C. found several tombstones with the first name of Ebenezer.

I also received a message, “Tell Steve not to hesitate.” I reiterated the message immediately to Steve and he went off to the centre of the cemetery on his own and sat down. At times I felt fear and I was brought to a house but nothing more.

Kevin came to me and told me that Dave is having strange feelings about a certain location and that he felt that someone was “dumped” or improperly buried a the back of the cemetery. I went to investigate with Dave and Jenn and here we questioned and felt out the area. We all felt a woman, not of high moral standards and of a lower class. Dave felt she was killed and thrown down the embankment. Jenn confirmed the feelings. I started to see chains, like a biker would wear connecting his wallet to his jeans. I also got the word “Judgment”. We investigated this area and I saw a spark of light in the dark trees. Then Jenn confirmed she saw it also. A mumbling EVP was recorded in this area.

Oddly enough, Dr. Gord felt the same feeling in a different part of the cemetery and whem Dr. Gord and Dave and Jenn met up they were astonished that they felt the same feelings and came up with the same “story.”

Coincidences were popping up everywhere. The group felt sick in certain areas, felt pressures and pains in the same areas. It was a very interesting night with too many coincidences to justify them as so.

What was interesting is that none of the group felt that the cemetery was overly haunted. It felt more as if the spirits and events that were taking place that night had very little, if anything, to do with the cemetery.

Never had the team come up with so many names, so many coinciding “stories” and events. It would appear the cemetery and the grounds surrounding it are offering far more than simple ghostly hauntings.

NAGS will unquestionably return to this location to figure out why so much was happening in a not-so-haunted location.

Notes from nAz:

After meeting with Jenn C. & discussing next weeks investigation the team decided to investigate a cemetery at GhostBoy’s request.

On the way to the cemetery I was thinking… cemetery… not going to be much activity. Man was I wrong!

Approaching a historical marker I noticed activity near the back corner right away. I took some pictures of Jenn and the team looking at some markers & then felt drawn to two identical markers. I was approaching the markers GhostBoy suggested activity near them. My initial feelings at the twin markers were pain in the back of my skull, and sever pain in my chest. That was just the beginning.

After the team had gone around the cemetery getting their own impressions, we decided to do a circle and attempt communication with the spirit’s that were present.

One thing that surprised me about this place was this, the NAGS team has never gotten so many names in one place before. Every team member got at least one name. The name I got really strong was Mike or Michael. While in circle, I got the image of a male head and shoulders, so I decided to call on my ancestors to help communicate. This was the first time I decided to not guard myself. I wanted to open up to the spirit present. I got what I asked for. Just after I opened up, I got a sinking feeling. At first I thought it was due to the fact that I was standing on a grave but I cast doubt aside and went with the feeling. I then realized that I wasn’t sinking, I felt that I was shrinking! I felt like I was the size of a 4 year old child! I had a mental image of standing next to the guys in the circle looking up at them and holding my hands out for the “big” people to hold. I opened my eyes & could see everyone normally but when I closed them again I was a child! While I was marveling at this new experience I got one word – hold. I don’t know what it means. After I got the word impression, I got the impression that this experience was getting too comfortable & had to end. I turned from the circle & shook off the spirit (?) Does that make sense? as I walked away. This has never happened to me before and for a bit it freaked me out.

After breaking the circle the team split up again to revisit different areas. As I was walking behind GhostBoy I had an urge to meditate in a certain location under the full view of the moon. I ignored the feeling & continued walking. GhostBoy turned to me and said that he heard a voice tell him something. It was for me. Basically he was told to tell me to do as I was planning. Ok, I can take a hint. I went to the location and sat. While I was attempting to meditate I kept getting shown activity near the back corner close to the twin markers. I asked if I was in the wrong spot & was shown I was in the right spot. I believe I was told to sit there so I could witness the activity. After a few minutes I went to the area with the activity. As I approached my thumb and fore finger on both hands went tingly (pins n needles). This was new as well. My attention was drawn down a slight hill where a table, chair and fire pit were set up. I remembered hearing about the table and chair from one of the team members but I assumed it was in a different location for some reason. Next to a tree on the edge of the slope I could sense a rush of activity heading in both ways. While I was standing attempting to figure out what I was feeling I got an impression. It is an odd one and I’ll mention it later but first I wanted some confirmation. I called GhostBoy and Dr. Gord over to the tree. GhostBoy could sense something as well, he took his jacket off and rolled up his sleeves. Gr. Gord went down the hill to the table and chair. I’ll let Dr. Gord explain what he felt but what I got was something completely different and almost shocking.

The table, chair and fire pit are being used by someone for conjuring. Either by spell or ouija. There is a rush of activity in that place & I felt that spirits there are being used. How, I couldn’t tell. Why would so many names come up in one location? Why are there so many spirits there? I asked if there was some way I could help when I was sitting in the other spot & I was shown this area for a reason. The notion almost sounds crazy but it was what I felt.

This location will be investigated by us again & hopefully we can help those held there.

Notes from Dr. Gord:

The NAGS team met up with our contest winner at our usual meetup place. After coffee and conversation, we headed to the cemetery to do some investigating. The cemetery basically consists of people that lived in the range of 1790’s – 1910 with many of the grave markers being almost covered over by grass growth. One thing I noticed right away was the atmosphere of the place. There was a very uneasy feeling here. I attributed it the darkness as the graveyard was surrounded by trees.

Upon entering the site, I immediately felt pressure on the top left section of my head which I felt was probably just my hangover from the night before, however Kevin later stated he felt the same thing. Walking around I took a lot of pictures to document the historical value of this cemetery and I received a few images as I walked through the graveyard.

The first image that I got was behind the gravestones, between the big tree stump. About 20 paces behind these, is a great big tree where no grass grows beneath it. It was here that I got the image of a woman named Allison, who was aged 35-37, bout 5ft6, skinny with black hair. In the vision I was told she wonders here searching for her son, who was taken by raiders. The son used to play in that area but went missing. When asked to show me how she died I saw her hung from the thick branch above me. Sounds a little farfetched don’t it? I thought this too until later on that night.

Next I went to the back right hand corner to meet up with John and Steve to see what they had found. It was here that I experienced a first. Upon walking between the last two sets of grave stones I felt this overwhelming urge to vomit. Again I attributed this to my hangover but nearly everyone in the graveyard that night, felt the same nauseous feeling in different areas. Facing John and Steve in the back corner, I got this very strong image of a white screaming face charging towards me, literally it made me jump and turn around to make sure nothing was there. Steve confirmed he felt energy flowing through the area I was standing in.

The last image I got from this night was down by a weird set up down the hill in the bushes. Here a mini, what looked like a camp set up, and it was here that I got something to which both freaks me out and makes me wonder if it was my imagination. I sat in the chair at the campsite and heard a voice in my head, ask “Why I was there?” and “I do not belong here, I am trespassing and this was my land” then within my head a vision of a scraggly face appeared. Very bushy hair and destroyed teeth grinning at me saying over and over that he had “F**Ked her good” and then I heard laughter of other men and it was then that I was drawn to the bushes in front of me to my where I saw a woman lying face down. The freaky part is, it was the same woman, Allison that I had seen underneath the tree. I ran up the hill and noticed that the trajectory matched between the tree where I saw her hung and the ground where she was lying with the men. If two and two are placed together, I would say that she may have lived nearby; the men kidnapped her, raped her and then hung her from the tree.

There were a few other small things I got from the cemetery. When I walked through a family plot, I heard a older male voice ask “Why are you here” and I as pondered where I heard this, I heard a older female voice say “Go Away Leave Us Alone” I snapped around and my flashlight lit up the name Edna. I asked John to bring his recorder over to try and capture some possible EVP’s and as John asked them to speak in to the microphone, all I heard in my head was “Yea F**Koff”. I started to laugh, told John this and we left as requested. John and I headed to the back to gather the group and as we all went to leave I was looking at the ground, I looked up and just for a second saw a line of black shadow people lined up along the treeline but would not come forward, I asked in my head why they wouldn’t come in and all I got was they were scared.

Upon leaving the cemetery the feeling of nauseousness left and it was off for more coffee. I can admit that some of this sounds a little farfetched but the others had similar accounts so who knows.

Notes from David:

I have to admit, I really second guessed myself on this one… my mind raced back to an archived Skeptic’s Corner (upon further review I realize that I clouded portions of Ssept.12ths and Sept.19ths). As I have repeatedly stated in prior investigation notes… My senses aren’t/I am not as attuned to paranormal activity as say, a psychic or a medium of course.. but even compared to the other team members I am not as in sync to ghostly encounters. The more investigations we do I sometimes feel I’m becoming the biggest skeptic of the group. I have learned to open up, and through this group I have (for lack of a better word) “felt” things… maybe attempts at communication that I just couldn’t quite understand. (Thankfully our private home #2 and our first trip to Century Manor gave me enough to plow forward). Anyways, on to why I initially second guesses myself.

We spent awhile touring the cemetery, and the group gathered and discussed our feelings. There were things brought up that I just didn’t sense or experience myself. I did however “get a name” as GhostBoy always puts it. While we toured the headstones I kept ?thinking? of the name Eden, or Edith. I kept expecting to find a stone with that name on it… but didn’t. However after the group broke up I was drawn to a spot on the outskirts of the cemetery. The edge surrounding approximately two-thirds of the cemetery drops off into a ravine. I went to a section and ?felt? a body had been desecrated down the hill from where I stood.. I felt a woman had possibly been raped, but definitely harmed, and while not killed dumped there and left for dead. I did not feel that this was what had happened to one of the persons buried in the cemetery, I felt it from that hill. Now, this is where I was second guessing myself. ?Had I come on an investigation and wanted to experience something? Do I watch too many cop shows and mafia shows and was imagining a scenario? I wasn’t sure, but I kept being drawn to the area. I invited others to the area to inquire what, if any, feelings they got there without telling them up front what I thought. I hope that their investigation notes elaborate on this, because while each persons feelings were somewhat different, they were all similar and enhanced a potential scenario that I initially thought I was scripting in my head due to the creepiness of the night and the locale.

Admittedly, not heavily (yet) I have attempted to research to see if I could learn of any such crimes being discovered in this area… but to date have not found anything. I look forward to investigating the area by daylight, and continuing to research.

Notes from Jenn:

I entered the cemetery with an open mind, not expecting very much to happen as this was my first investigation. I did not feel anything immediately. We did a quick walk around the cemetery and got a feel for the place. Still I did not feel anything. We proceeded to the left hand corner of the cemetery and stood in a circle asking for any spirits to communicate with us.

NAZ felt the presence of a young boy as soon as he mentioned this I immediately got a vision in my mind of what the little boy looked like. He was small, waist height with brown hair. We continued to try to entice the spirits to communicate with us. While standing in the circle I got the name Margaret Anne and the feeling that she had died in a house fire around the area in which the cemetery was located. I had a feeling she had long strawberry blonde hair and was wearing a red polka dotted dress when she died. I don’t feel that she was buried in the cemetery but she had a connection to the area surrounding it.

Another name that came to my mind during the night was Edward Johnson and I felt he had a connection with boats. Nothing more came to me regarding this name.

Halfway through the investigation Makeajazznoise asked me to follow him to a spot that I had seen him at earlier pondering. He asked me to see what kind of a feeling I got while standing there. I went over and got a feeling of a women who had been beaten and brought here to this location. I could see in my mind her being a blonde women maybe in her middle 30’s. I don’t feel she had a professional day to day job but was rather involved in drugs or sex, maybe a prostitute. Her face was streaked with makeup like she had been crying. I could see her roll down the embankment and try to crawl her way back up but the man who had brought her there continued to beat her and leave her for dead. The time

frame I get when I thought that might have happened would be the late 70’s to late 80’s. I also got the name Mary. I could not get that image of her trying to climb her way back up

out of my mind. This had to be the most exciting part of the night for me, even after we walked away I still felt drawn back to that spot. I don’t know why but I could not stop looking in that direction. Even still I can picture her trying to climb her way back up that hill.

I must say that I am very pleased with the amount of activity that I had experienced. I would also like to once again thank the N.A.G.S team for inviting me to come along with them on this investigation.

EVPs Recorded:

1. Male voice states "I was murdered", before John begins to speak. DOWNLOAD

2. Female voice says "What", when the audio is slowed down. DOWNLOAD

3. Female voice states "I've been pullin". DOWNLOAD


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