The Blue Ghost Tunnel: Making of a Legend The Death of a 5-Year-Old

The Death of a 5-Year-Old

In 1912, the steamship La Canadienne suddenly lost power in lock 22 of The Welland Canal causing a huge rush of water to hit Lock 21 and flooding the entire area. The tidal wave rushed towards three children who were fishing along the canal. Two of the boys were rescued but tragically five-year-old Willie Wallace Tiffney, adopted son of the Tiffney family in Thorold, drowned in the tidal wave.

Some believe that the ghost of the child seen, heard and felt at the tunnel may be that of Willie. Many, however, believe the spirit is that of a female and not a male. And one wonders why the spirit of Willie would be haunting a tunnel that lies a considerable distance from the location at which he was drowned.


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