The Blue Ghost Tunnel: Making of a Legend

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In 1999, an old rail tunnel was transformed from a forgotten engineering feat into a supernatural legend.

The Grand Trunk Railway Tunnel located in Thorold, Ontario, Canada was for the most part undisturbed and undiscovered until a young paranormal investigator and his friends publicized their encounters at the tunnel and distributed directions to its location.

In just four months the tunnel metamorphosed from a forgotten historical landmark into a paranormal hotspot rivaling the most famous in the world. Internet discussion forums exploded with talk of the tunnel, and paranormal groups and enthusiasts flocked to investigate.

Exposed on television a few years later, the tunnel was well on its way to becoming an Urban Legend. And that is what fascinated me. I have always wondered where Urban Legends actually come from. How do they begin? How do they manifest? And what truth is hidden within their simple tales?

The Blue Ghost Tunnel, as it has become known, developed and transformed online and within paranormal communities to what it is today. The legend is continuously molded and the truth becomes increasingly gray.

This book provides a time-line of events, people's encounters, and historical facts to showcase how a legend is born, how it flourishes and how we can learn from this modern experiment. 
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