The Blue Ghost Tunnel: Making of a Legend Visitor Experiences

Visitor Experiences

It was close to Halloween and me and a friend decided to visit The Blue Ghost Tunnel. We had visited other tunnels like The Screaming Tunnel before, but this tunnel is way different. It’s huge and dark and very scary inside. If you don't have a good flashlight you wouldn't be able to see your hand in front of your face. We brought along two flashlights and as we entered one of them did not work so we ended up with one light between the two of us. At first, nothing was happening. We took a few pictures and my friend thought he heard voices coming from the front of the tunnel and decided to go see if anyone he knew was coming up on us. We met three groups leaving the tunnel as we were going down the roadway to it. I just sat in the darkness and I could feel an overwhelming sense of fear build up. I looked to where my friend had walked and I saw a flashlight point in my direction. He was coming back, or so it appeared. It wasn't him, because he was right beside me and had walked right up to me in the dark. We thought it was another group of people coming down to see the tunnel, but my friend said no one was out there. We turned and walked out and no one was around. We sat at the end of the tunnel and smoked a cigarette and snapped some more pictures. Suddenly, from inside the tunnel we heard a scream. Now no one was inside the tunnel because we just were in it and we came out. We both heard the scream and looked at each other. I tried to flash my flashlight in the tunnel but my light simply faded and the batteries drained. I heard ghosts can do this. With no light source we decided to leave the tunnel.

I've had several experiences within the tunnel including the vision of a man holding a cane pointing it at me. This experience left me shaking and not wanting to return. I was alone near one of the beams that is really low and I ducked down and under it and saw a man standing there in old-time clothing holding a cane and pointing it in my direction. He was angry and I was just about to say 'sorry' thinking he was real when suddenly I heard a loud 'thump' sound and I heard footsteps running away from me. A friend who had been further in the tunnel said he heard the footsteps as well. Other times I heard a woman crying, and a bunch of whispers as well. The man scared me the most and left me shaking because I could feel his hate for me. It was like he was mad at me for trespassing on his land. When I saw the man it was the last time I went down to the tunnel.


I was in the tunnel and we were trying to speak to the ghosts in there when suddenly I felt a tug on my hand. I looked around and asked which one of my friends had tugged on my hand. That is when I felt another tug and it really scared the crap out of me. I then heard the word “Help” whispered. My one friend immediately said before I could say anything, “Did you hear that?” I started to cry and I felt really horrible. It felt like a child spirit around me. I picked up the name that begins with M. We tried to communicate further with the ghosts and the child spirit, but something was blocking us. We were all exhausted that night and some of us were ill the next day. The next weekend we returned and just at the front of the tunnel I could feel a presence. The entity was guarding the tunnel. It felt male. We entered the tunnel and heard audible cries and we could make out whispers from the end of the tunnel. Our whole group that night (six of us) heard this. We recorded EVPs of it as well. Some of us captured mist in our photographs.

I have been going to the BGT since about 2004 and have made many visits at night and during the day. I often come across groups of people down there looking to find a ghost. They sit in the dark for a few minutes, take pictures and leave. I have never encountered anything like a ghost down there at all. I get a weird feeling sometimes but that is all.

I've been investigating the tunnel for the past five years and have found that trigger objects work for me. I set up a candle and a shot glass of whiskey. When I called out to the ghosts in the tunnel to take the whiskey the candle was blown out. I also got an evp at the same time of footsteps.

I've been pushed inside the tunnel. Literally hit from behind in my lower back. I turned around and didn't see anything and my friends were all in front of me at the time. I swore out loud at whatever did it and I got out of there pretty quick.

I've heard a train-whistle in the tunnel one time. Other times I've heard what sounded like sobs and cries coming from a girl. I never got anything on camera except for the orbs that we all know aren't real.

Me and my mom went down near Halloween and we came across a photo of some old guy posted to one of the wooden beams. We left it there but it was really freaky to see. Later we felt cold spots and heard whispering coming from the tunnel.



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