The Blue Ghost Tunnel: Making of a Legend Murder, Rape and Ghosts That Can't Escape

Murder, Rape and Ghosts That Can't Escape

In my research, an unlikely witness came forward with yet another narrative to describe the source of the paranormal activity at the tunnel. Due to his past relationships and his activity with a local biker gang, this witness wishes to remain anonymous.

“I can't remember the exact date, or even the year, to tell you the truth, but I remember what happened and I can also tell you that the tunnel is haunted. I know that for a fact.”

“In the early seventies the land back there was mostly private and there was no golf course or offroaders. Growing up in the area we knew of the tunnel and we heard that it was haunted. A lot of us didn't believe in shit like that, or pretended we didn't.”

“There were pretty big caves out that way as well and we all said it would be a perfect place to hide stolen loot or even hide out if we had too. We didn't spend much time there, but we did occasionally visit the tunnel.”

“We called it The Screaming Tunnels because there were other tunnels in the area and they were all connected* even to the small one in Niagara Falls.”

“I don't know who told me, but the rumor was that a little girl was raped and murdered in that tunnel and you could hear the screams if you listened closely. It was like a record player being played over and over again through time. I heard the screams for myself and I also saw the little girl's ghost but I'll get back to that later.”

“Many of my friends worked at the factories in Thorold and St. Catharines and some worked at the GM Plant as well. You could get to the tunnel two ways—a short way through GM property or the long way through the cemetery from the Falls.”

“When new recruits were brought on board sometimes we would fuck with them and see how tough they really were. We told them the stories of the tunnel and then we drove them through the cemetery, down a road toward the tunnel alongside the canal. When they reached the tunnel they had to go inside with their bike and stay there for the night. If they made it, we knew they weren't chicken shit.”

“We used the tunnel a few times as well, just to meet up or hang out because it was so secluded. Sometimes we would send people in on foot. There was about a half-foot of water near the middle of the tunnel and it leaked a lot.”

“But here's another thing that happened down there. Once one of the members brought a prostitute down from the strip and she was involved with some drugs being stolen or something like that. Anyhow, the guy that brought her down roughed her up pretty bad. A few of the guys had their way with her as well even after they nearly drowned her. From what I heard, they let her go and she ran out the other end of the tunnel. I've also heard later that they killed her down there and buried the body. But I wouldn't know since I was never there and this was told to me a few years after the fact.”

“Now here is the fucked-up thing. The rumor is that in the early days a girl was raped and murdered in the tunnel and that is who is haunting it. I've heard her scream and I've seen her ghost. I've also seen a man ghost down there. A big fuck with a dark coat, hat and beard. He looked like a Mennonite.”

“A few years back I heard that people were going down there to have a look at the tunnel to see ghosts. I can tell you that I've been there a few times and never felt good about the place. The girl didn't scare me, it kind of makes me sad in a way, but the guy I saw in the dark coat scared the shit out of me. He was smiling, like a crazy person would. Like a perfect psychopath. I figured he was the one that raped the girl. It was a weird feeling I got looking at him. He wasn't like a ghost, you know, see through. He was like real life. But then he disappeared after a few seconds. He's keeping the ghosts down there.”

“I haven't been back and don't think I would go down there. Some things are just better left alone.”

Other witnesses have come forward with the same suggestion that the tunnel was used by local biker gangs as a hang out. The remoteness of the tunnel would surely be advantageous, but the rough condition of the roads would be a deterrent to someone riding a Harley Davidson. The local biker gangs have all since faded or amalgamated with the Hell's Angels. There have been no reports in recent years of the tunnel being accessed by any biker gangs.

Police records show no investigations at the tunnel throughout its history, except for the recent trespassing and activity starting shortly after the show Creepy Canada and Tour Operators Haunted Hamilton showcased the tunnel on television.

Newspaper and local media also do not provide any reports of any murder, rape or any other criminal activity at or near the tunnel, neither at the turn of the century or any other time.


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