The Blue Ghost Tunnel: Making of a Legend Skeptics Canada Invesitgates

Skeptics Canada Investigates

In 2005 Skeptics Canada sent a small crew to the Blue Ghost Tunnel to debunk any paranormal activity that had been witnessed or experienced by the thousands of visitors. The Blue Ghost Tunnel was a hot topic, and persons visiting guaranteed activity.

In their report they claim to demonstrate natural explanations for the many orb and mist photos and I agree with their findings. These types of photographs are common at the Blue Ghost Tunnel, and as explained earlier are not paranormal in nature.

Skeptics Canada also dismissed the EVPs captured in the tunnel as the natural sounds of water dripping into the pools below. However, Skeptics Canada did not send a team in to investigate during the winter when the tunnel is deathly quiet and there are no water drops disrupting or interfering with a recording.


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