Psychic Detectives - can psychics find missing persons?

I've been researching the results of several psychics in regards to their help with finding missing persons.

There are some remarkable findings and others that seem coincidental and there are some findings that are really reaching, striving to make a connection.

Here is a brief rundown of my research:

The result of my information gathering on over 30+ psychics who posted their information before the person(s) were found or any evidence gathered resulted in an 80 per cent failure rate. Meaning 80% of the time the psychics were wrong with absolutely everything they came up with.

20% of the psychics came back with some evidence.

Of this 20% that came back with evidence only 2 had any evidence that one could say is significant.

Of all the psychics, not one was able to help police find the missing persons.

I could not find a police officer, or police department in Alberta that solicited psychics, for any reason.

Several psychics sought out the family members of missing people to offer their assistance but in some cases, the psychics cause more harm than good.

Marc Klaas, Founder of KlaasKids, and father of abducted, then murdered child Polly Klass, said it well:

"I have very strong feelings about psychics. They're part of a second wave of predators. The first wave is the person who takes the child. The second is the ambulance-chasing lawyers, the exploitation journalists and psychics. They're off the mark, every last one of them."

Please also note that the FBI and NCMEC (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children) maintain that psychics have never solved a single missing person's case.

The most recent child abduction and murder of Tori Stafford, in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada had many psychics on the hunt. Many of the psychics had good intentions and posted their information online.

Nearly all the psychic evidence was false; many of it absurd.

In the case above, family members sought out psychic Beth Diselets to help them find Tori. The family reported over twelve psychics pestering the family in their time of crisis, some seeking money, others seeking fame.

Beth describes her evidence below in the video. According the findings we know today, her psychic vision proved false and misleading.

Please See Video:

Others came forward as well presenting psychic evidence in this case.

One psychic, claims the missing girl had visited her in spirit form and pleaded for her to help her find her body. Her online evidence gallery and story is compelling.

This psychic sought the help of another psychic by the name of Sayge, for guidance.

Unfortunately, this psychic known as Shane Flannigan who goes by the performing name Sayge, who channels a spirit named Zoltach and who has a second job as a professional clown, was working a gig known as History of a Haunting (a hokey, controversial paranormal show with no televised distribution and little credibility) was not interested and only provided one clue: That she is in Woodstock.

Common sense, not psychic intuition.

For more information visit:

So the local psychics were interested and some, with limited cognitive ability tried to help with the best intentions. But where were the famous psychics? Where were the John Edwards and the Sylvia Brown’s?

They were too busy according to their publicists.

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Solaris Marketing July 21, 2009 at 11:15 AM  

Victoria Stafford's remains were found. Looks like most of the psychics got everything wrong. Even the one word Zoltach failed miserably.

Anonymous October 19, 2009 at 10:59 PM  

Further reading about psychics and the Tori Stafford case.;topicseen#new

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