Out of the Dark: The Ghosthunting Chronicles Televised Series

Out of the Dark: The Ghosthunting Chronicles is a televised series that follows a group of paranormal investigators as they research and investigate suspected haunted locations across Western Canada and the Western United States. The group is made up of a diverse cross-section of participants including a channeller.

The Out of the Dark Team:

John Savoie, Team Leader

John has been investigating the paranormal for over 16 years and has encountered some of North America's most haunted locations from Boot Hill Cemetery in Tombstone, Arizona to the Keefer Mansion in Thorold, Ontario.

John is the author of Shadows of Niagara: Investigating Canada's Most Haunted Region and producer of a 2-disc DVD of the same title.

John will lead the Out of the Dark team into the depths of most haunted locations and introduce you to the spirits that haunt abandoned cemeteries, insane asylums, mansions and homes just like yours.

He will document every aspect of each investigation and present the team's findings, the psychic impressions and the physical evidence for you to decide for yourself - haunted? or not?

J.J. Brewster, Investigator

J.J. had an intense interest in the paranormal since his earlier years. While raised in a traditionally religious home, the ideologies introduced to him in his youth never really seemed to resonate with a deeper part of himself. He has found that when it comes to the spiritual occurrences that happen in our lives, words transcend the experience.

As a child, he experienced intense dreams that always seemed to carry a prophetic tone to them – creating a potent déjà vu. Throughout his life he has feelings at various times that he was never quite alone, even though he was the only person in a house or a room. He seems to have an acute sense of empathy for the context of a room he enter, feeling what he can only describe as ‘vibes.’

Traveling to Mexico in his mid-twenties to teach young children, he became acutely aware of ancient and powerful places steeped in mystery and an almost magnetic energy; All of these things have culminated in an intense interest in the experience of things that science cannot yet pigeon-hole into tangible reality.

He comes to this project with a desire to simply experience what other truths may be out there, expand his consciousness, and better understand perhaps what awaits all of us when this life is over.

Cher Hunter-Cyrynowski, Chaneller

Cher has been enveloped with the paranormal since childhood and has come to understand how to feel and communicate with ghosts.

As a chaneller, she routinely comes across the souls of the departed who have something to say or have unfinished business to take care of.

Her vast experience has allowed her to clear homes and help friends and family members who have a genuine haunting. She does not charge for her service.

Cher will help the Out of the Dark team by directing and assisting the team’s abilities to speak to the ghosts that haunt the forgotten cemeteries, the abandoned farmhouses or the historic buildings we will encounter.

Raymond McDonald, Investigator

For the better part of his life he’s worked in the business administration field – leading a normal life, working 9-5, hanging out with friends and going out on the weekends.

However, since childhood, there have been internal questions that continually nag at him regarding the paranormal.

Ray does not have a formal idea about religion or spirituality, but experiences throughout his life have led him to at least be open to this experience. Ray is an open-minded skeptic.

When his mother passed on, specific things, perhaps paranormal, come to his mind that are hard to explain and he’s forever remained fascinated with experiences of the world beyond ever since.

His interest in this project is for simple gratification. He’s looking to connect with real experiences, validated through normative means. In short, Ray wants to see what’s out there and experience it for himself.

Angela Watt, Investigator

Angela has believed in ghosts ever since childhood. Ghosts would visit her and she would feel their presence including the loving touch of her deceased grandmother's hand caressing her cheek. But not all of her encounters were this pleasant.

She was haunted by a group of strange, dark-cloaked beings who terrorized her at night. In one incident, one of the beings grabbed her legs while objects in her room were knocked off shelves and pictures were thrown from walls. The event caused her to ignore the paranormal.

Being extremely sensitive to the paranormal, her family has lived with strange occurrences and has always had an interest in the spiritual world.

Angela, however, has disconnected herself from the world of the dead.

Until now.

Angela is now going to test her bravery and find out what really is out there and perhaps to answer who or what the dark-cloaked figures are that haunt her.


Thank you to The Shadows Project team for allowing us to utilize their message forum to discuss the program and investigations. You can visit The Shadows Project by visiting www.theshadowsproject.com. Make sure you join the forum!


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