Episode Three: The Apartment

The Out of the Dark team investigates one of the team's private residences. J.J. Brewster, investigator takes the team to his house to find out what is keeping him up at night. The team utilizes a Ouija Board and witnesses objects move by their own accord.

J.J. Brewster has since moved to a new residence, as with the other many previous occupants. Find out who is haunting and what they want.

Director’s Notes:

Out of the Dark investigator J.J. Brewster has expressed that he perhaps is experiencing something in his downtown Calgary residence. He invited the rest of the team to perform a Quija Board session to speak directly to the spirits who have been causing him sleepless nights.

The team witnesses an object move on its own accord and uses the Ouija Board to speak to the spirits of J.J.’s home.

J.J. has since moved out of the residence, as several previous tenants have done. According to a neighbor, “No one really stays for very long.”


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