Episode One: The Lougheed House

The Out of the Dark team investigates one of Western Canada's most influential family homes - Historic Lougheed House in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

Does this sandstone mansion dating back to the 1890s hold the spirits of the past? The Out of the Dark team investigates.

Director’s Notes:

When I first spoke to the director of Lougheed House he explained that his house is not really considered haunted and being a historic and cultural centre he did not want the property exploited for the sake of entertainment.

We spoke at length about my ideas, methods of investigating and my devotion to investigating homes with possible spirits. Shortly thereafter, we were granted an all-access evening to investigate the home and the grounds.

This was the first investigation the Out of the Dark team conducted. Unfortunately, team member Angela Watt could not make the time commitment. For the others it was an evening of awe of the history, majesty and mystery this grand mansion provided.

It was first time any of them had stepped into Lougheed and my second. The team was oblivious to the location until the final minute and heard nothing of the history or rumored haunting. For some it would provide a déjà vu experience, while for others it would only add to their skepticism.


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