Review copies of The Blue Ghost Tunnel Making of a Legend are now available.

Review copies of The Blue Ghost Tunnel Making of a Legend are now available.

Please contact to request your copy. In order to receive an advanced review copy you must show that you have written book reviews and have a related web site.

In paranormal circles across Canada and the United States, the hauntings at The Blue Ghost Tunnel (BGT) frequent the conversation. Often referred to as "The Most Haunted Location" in Canada or a place where you are guaranteed activity, the tunnel is synonymous with historical haunted locations across North America.

 I've been investigation the tunnel as a possible haunt for the past 14 years as a solo investigator, with The Niagara Amateur Ghost Seekers and with members of The Shadows Project. In the late 1990s the tunnel, previously known under various descriptions became popularized as The Blue Ghost Tunnel, the name coined by a young paranormal investigator who is said to have witnessed a "Blue Misty Ghost".

A few years of intense interest on the Internet, multiple investigations and visits by paranormal enthusiasts prompted the once popular TV program Creepy Canada to film at the location. Together with a Ghost Tour Group Haunted Hamilton, questionable psychics and an impromtu "historian" of the tunnel, they exposed the location to tens of thousands of viewers solidifying the legend and suspected haunt. The episode depicted the tunnel as "700 ft of Hell on Earth!" As a result of their illegal trespassing and exposure of the location, the site became explosively popular and thousands of visitors each year come to visit the tunnel prompting the Seaway Authority to attempt to secure the location. Even with extensive security, people trek out to discover the BGT for themselves...

But who really discovered this long, lost tunnel? What is the truth behind the hauntings and experiences at the tunnel? Is the tunnel an Urban Legend, conjured-up by a young wannabe author? Are we simply developing our own experiences using our own minds? Or is the tunnel really haunted? And by whom? I decided to write about the tunnel, because I am fascinated with legends and lore and how they develop and what truth is hidden within.

The book includes interviews, photographs and documents from decades past including the first ever investigation in 1976. It includes historical accounts from the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s and 1970s with photographs and evidence supporting a number of theories. Photographs have been generously donated by residents including Kevin Valencourt, Niagara-area photographer. Please visit the Facebook Group Page for The Blue Ghost Tunnel: Making of a Legend and support and discuss this project.


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