CrossTalk EVP Review - software that lets you communicate with spirits!

 Over the last year I have experimented with two-way communication using various methods to capture EVPs. I recently visited a web site which sells Crosstalk EVP.

It claims I was about to “take the next step forward in modern spiritual communication.”

That is just what my end goal was and so I decided to try the product.

The vender boasts:

This exclusive software package and “HOW TO” guide has been put together by famous psychic and paranormalist Jason Profit to help you explore 2-way EVP!”

It also boasted some info from Wikipedia about Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) and information about Ghost Boxes and Frank's Boxes.

Furthermore the ad boasted:

Both the franks box and cheap ghost boxes are amazing tools for the paranormal researcher… but now there is a better way to talk with the other side! But you do not need the hacked radio OR a franks box! Just your Computer!”

Then there were the amazing testimonials from paranormal researchers and parapsychologist from around the globe:

Great stuff” -Ebay user 
I am The Founder Of and STAFF at This CD WORKS!” -Dan Conners Jr

Now how could I resist? But there is more...

CrossTalk EVP Software: The next evolution of 2 way spirit communication has arrived! My amazing “Cross Talk” guide teaches you to conduct real time 2 way EVP or instrumental transcommunication with the other side! Thanks to a recent breakthrough in EVP software, you can now use your COMPUTER instead of a hard to find franks box or ghost box! You will receive the “How To” guide as well as Jason Profits exclusive software which will enable you to actually achieve much more easy to understand spirit communication.”

FREE Bonus! Revolutionary audio source for allowing the spirits to generate vocal formations”

The software is marketed by Jason Profit, the modern mind-reader. ( His homepage showcases him bending a freakn' fork! This guy is the real-deal! His tagline is: “Palm Reader, Paranormal Entertainer, Psychic”And yes, he does home-parties! It's all about credibility and this man has it, wouldn't ya say so? He's about two notches above the fraud, Psychic Robbie Thomas.

Anyhow, back to the software.

Installation was a breeze and only took a few seconds. Documentation consisted of a How-To Guide. It basically said how to set up the basic functions of the Crosstalk software to make the spirits be able to communicate easily. Now the CrossTalk Guide was supposed to provide me with exclusive insight into how to communicate with the other side and how to make it work. The guide was complete nonesense and told me to “believe” in what I hear and also to “keep trying” and also to keep the software running throughout the investigation.

I finally got the software set up as said in the documentation and was ready to communicate. I pressed play and this is what I got:

yemenoaisososusuysys jdisss sisisj sis shhs sisjshsh sisjushjs s sjsu s su sjhsjhhj sis sshshshsh sisjsjs


Well, perhaps I contacted a retarded spirit. I loaded the software up again, believed in it, and let it run. I asked questions like a crack head talking to his shoes. Nothing. Just the same message over and over again. I looked through the how to guide and it said I could load up any sound file and use it. Great, maybe I would get success! I loaded up Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix and believe it or not this is what the spirit of Jimi 
Hendrix told me:

Hazep brsa.” over and over again. Fuck Jimi, gimmie a break here and tell me something about how the establishment murdered you and Janis.

Crosstalk EVP is an absolute waste of time and not worth the $24.99 price tag. It simply takes a sound file and breaks it apart and replays it. Ghosts are supposed use the sound and play the sound clips in an order in which they can make words and sentences. I could not see how this would work unless you are into the Ganja. The sound pattern played over and over again

Below are some examples of the software in work. 



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