The Haunted Niagara Falls Customs House

The Stone Jug

The former Post Office, Police Station and Customs House stands tall in the desolate downtown area of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. The massive three-story stone structure was abandoned after a fire destroyed the interior of the main building and some of the exterior portions of the additions. Holes in the roof have causes extensive water damage and the building is unsafe to investigate or visit.

There have been reports as far back as the 1950s of a shadowy man who has been seen in the upper floors, pacing the hallways and peering out of windows. In the 1970s a group of teenagers believed they saw this same entity walk through the front doors and proceed across the street where the figure vanished.

Others have seen a woman crying on the front steps that appears for a few moments and then disappears into a mist-like form. Strange, unnatural noises from the back portion of the building have been reported by witnesses and many thrill-seekers have ventured into the back portion to investigate. To date, only a handful have been inside to investigate.

I have investigated The Stone Jug on two occasions, once in 2001 and again in 2004 for the book Shadows of Niagara.

The first investigation I was allowed to enter the basement and first floor only, as the entire upper floors were destroyed or distressed. In 2004, we only allowed on the main floor and the back rooms as the building had further degraded.

There have been attempts to repair the building but each attempt runs out of funds and the building stands empty to this date.

Below is a rare view of the Niagara Falls Customs House interior:

More pictures can be found here:


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