How To Engage A Psychic To Solve Your Cold Case (or Missing Person's Case)

Each year in the United States and Canada there are countless victims of crime, but for the families involved, sometimes the most difficult aspect is closure. Many crimes remain unsolved, even those with high-publicity and police activity.

From missing persons to unsolved murders many families remain in limbo not knowing what has happened to their loved one. Perhaps you are in this situation yourself, and you are desperate to finally find out what exactly happened and to also bring justice to the perpetrator.

Local police, FBI and other specialized law enforcement agencies usually provide a great deal of assistance to the family and work diligently to solve the case. In some instances, they are unable to find a missing person, or solve a crime. Days pass, months go by and suddenly years later the file is labelled a cold case. There are no further leads and the police are no longer able to pursue the case as they would normally do.

We have all seen countless television shows of psychic detectives – psychics who work with law enforcement to solve crimes. It gives us hope, that, if only, we could find a psychic, we could also solve our cold case and bring closure and end the heartache.

Many of the psychics who appear on television are represented by agents and lead very busy lives within the entertainment industry. The television shows are documented and edited to create drama and entertainment – something you are probably not interested in.

A quick Google search and you will find hundreds, if not thousands of psychics. And the majority of these psychics say that they have been involved with law enforcement and have the ability to solve missing person's cases or unsolved crimes.

How do you find the right psychic?

Weeding through the psychic ocean is difficult. Let's first examine how to weed out the phony psychics who wish only to gain notoriety from your grief or gain monetarily from your loss. Let's look at how a Psychic Detective like this works, so that you can identify them and avoid further grief and heartache.

Take a look at the web page of the psychic you are interested in using. Look for clues that this person is using their ability (if they truly have one that is), solely for the purpose of financial gain. Do they sell books? Are they on a lecture circuit? Do they host paranormal events? Do they offer their psychic readings online, over the internet or in person at inflated rates?

Chances are, they see your case as another stepping stone to their quest for fame and fortune. They will use your deceased family member and your grief to further their agenda. You, and your loved one will end up being a footnote in a book, or an online testimonial. Whether or not the psychic has solved your case, does not really matter to them. Another case, another name, creates buzz – both online and on the news.

There are countless newspaper articles and evening news clips that show psychics about to or are working on cold cases. The truth is, that newspapers want articles that sell, as does the evening news want viewers to stay tuned-in and psychics and the paranormal are hot topics that sell. The newspapers rarely follow up to see what, if anything, resulted from the psychics vision. Because sadly, that story of a cold case remaining cold, and a failed psychic does not interest the public.

Psychics in turn use this free publicity, once again, to further their own agenda. They use the articles on the web sites to promote themselves and to offer evidence that they are working cases. Most suggest they solved the crimes because a small case in Canada will never be investigated by a web site visitor from Kentucky. It is simply believed to be true. Many of these psychics are quoted as saying they have worked with police and the FBI further adding to the credibility.

But I found a psychic who has testimonials from law officers.

It is true that some law enforcement agencies have requested the help from psychics, but it is also true that none of these agencies, ever, have said that the psychic's vision helped solve any crime.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have stated that they never use psychics because they have never found their information to be useful in an investigation and have never once solved a crime based upon a psychic's impressions. The FBI has stated that it is their policy not to use psychics.

You will find many psychics online who claim to have solved crimes suggesting they worked with police and even have testimonials from police officers. But upon further investigation, you will find that that the police department's have never heard of the psychic or they have dismissed the psychic's visions as fantasy.

The direct quotes from police officers about psychics is also questionable. Many psychics will write a testimonial and then apply a name such as F. Smith. The name is ambiguous and the testimonial false. Some psychics will intentionally misspell names so that they appear to be legitimate, but again are false.

I found a psychic who has worked on a high-profile case.

Once again, you must be careful here. Many psychics have claimed to have worked on high-profile cases because this adds to their resume and the ability to fool you into thinking they are very credible. The truth is, the psychic has attached themselves to the case so that others believe they are someone special and they have true psychic powers. It's all marketing.

The psychic does not want to charge me anything, so what's to lose?

You may have found a psychic who does not want to charge you directly for their services. But you have to ask yourself – what is it they wish to gain? Many people fall to the charm and compassion the psychic is displaying. The psychics want to gain more exposure, that is the bottom line – more exposure, more press, more books sold, more paranormal event tickets and more psychic readings.

But isn't it worth it? To have your family member found or your crime solved – so what if they psychic makes money doing this? Who cares! It's a win-win situation, right?

Not necessarily. One example, of many, is the Psychic Justice Tour, performed by Psychic Robbie Thomas. Psychic Robbie initially set out a National Tour across Canada and the United States to assist families to solve cold cases and missing person's cases. Sounds wonderful...

The Psychic Justice Tour and Psychic Robbie Thomas performed for the families created buzz. A new book, Paranormal Encounters was being published and a television-series Psychic Justice was supposed to be marketed. And it was.

Psychic Robbie claimed he had helped all the families, but not one of the crimes were eve solved. Not one. It left the families further questioning and further grieving. Psychic Robbie continued to sell books, develop paranormal events and provide expensive psychic readings all at the cost of the grieving families.

The families and crimes forgotten. Many in the public were led to believe the crimes were solved and hindered the real investigation.

One family has written a statement about their dealing with Psychic Robbie Thomas and can be found here.

Psychic Robbie Thomas is exposed by WANE TV and Fort Wayne Police. Click the Play Button Above To View.

You can also read all about Psychic Robbie Thomas here: - a site dedicated to exposing Psychic Robbie Thomas as a fraud.

Are you suggesting I do not use a psychic at all?

No, I am suggesting you do your own research and if you must, find a psychic that doesn't charge, isn't interested in being on television, doesn't sell books, does not have a psychic phone line, or even a web site.

How do I find a psychic that can help with a cold case or missing person's case?

There are many people who believe in psychic abilities and paranormal forums and groups are a good place to start. But once again, many of the forums and groups are infiltrated with phoney's or the groups themselves are interested in fame and fortune as well.

Another area to search is the scientific community. Many universities have conducted or have ongoing research into psychic phenomenon. They may be able to assist you in finding candidates willing to assist your case. You may also wish to visit the sites below to conduct research and to find assistance.


International Remote Viewing Association
IRVA is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the responsible use and development of remote viewing. We are an independently formed member organization of scientists, remote viewing professionals, students, and other interested persons.

The Parapsychological Association
The Parapsychological Association, Inc. (PA) is the international professional organization of scientists and scholars engaged in the study of ‘psi’ (or ‘psychic’) experiences, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, remote viewing, psychokinesis, psychic healing, and precognition.

PSICAN – Paranormal Studies and Investigations Canada
A Canadian-based Education Organization

Society for Psychical Research
Founded in 1882, The SPR was the first society to conduct organised scholarly research into human experiences that challenge contemporary scientific models.

The Committee for Skeptical Enquiry


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