Ghosts Don't Exist

Catchy title isn't it? Ghosts Don't Exist is a newly released movie based on a group of paranormal investigators who find more to ghosts than they bargain for.

The storyline is simple enough but gives plenty of opportunity to delve into this character driven thriller. The center of the story is ghost hunter Brett Wilson. He's the star of his own paranormal TV show and he struggles to move on from the death of his wife, Nicole, and their child. During an interview he makes the announcement that he is retiring but will take on one more case. When a stranger calls claiming that Nicole contacted him, it sets him off on a course of events that will change him and those around him. Joined by his small crew, he's determined to find the truth, at any cost. Adding to the mix is an old foe, set on debunking any story Wilson and his people find.

The movie suggests it lives in the horror genre and is an independent film, a description that could mean it is total crap, or totally original. Ghosts Don't Exist is neither. It also doesn't fill the description of a horror film as well.

Out of the Dark Rating: 5/10

Enjoy the trailer below:


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