The Queen Mary Halloween Haunted Harbour

As patrons walk into Dark Harbor, they are tormented and ridiculed by a demon-like clown. Walking further, they are brought into a 220-foot maze of cargo containers filled with strobe lights and fog. Suddenly, a figure appears, causing them to scream and run. When they escape, they find themselves next to a haunted ship and in a village full of monsters that hunt them down.

The Queen Mary presents Dark Harbor, an 18-night event that stands out among Southern California's haunted attractions. Complete with five mazes - "The Cage," "Village of the Damned," "Containment," "Hellfire" and "Submerged" - and great acting by the monsters, the event is sure to haunt anyone who enters.

"The Cage," one of two onshore mazes and located in the dome, is filled with monsters who lurk every corner. The monsters are trapped in cages but that doesn't stop them from haunting everyone who enters. Unlike other mazes that have one clear route, "The Cage" is easy to get lost in because there are several paths to choose from.

"Village of the Damned" isn't quite as frightening as "The Cage," but it is still worth visiting. Upon entering the maze, lunatics caution visitors to "beware of the pot." More demented monsters wait inside the maze, leading attendees to the scariest part of the maze - a thin inflatable tunnel that is sure to cause a claustrophobic feeling.

Though the onshore mazes are scary, they are no competition to the ones aboard the Queen Mary itself. Whereas typical Halloween attractions bring patrons through artificial settings, Dark Harbor brings people into some of the ship's actual haunted areas where people have died, including the swimming pool and engine room. Visiting these spirit-filled rooms will surely cause even the toughest people to get spooked.

"Containment" has quarantined sailors and passengers that urge visitors to turn the other way. The actors in this maze possess believable talents and creative makeup that make one sympathize with their infected conditions.

In "Hellfire," the ship is ablaze and burnt victims chase visitors for help. Impressive lighting effects and more acting talent make this maze one to visit.

"Submerged" gives the effect of boarding a sinking ship. Water pours in as one enters the maze and drowning victims try to claw their way out. What makes this attraction one of the scariest mazes is that it brings visitors by the ship's swimming pool, which is supposedly haunted by spirits and normally closed to the public.

Queen Mary's Dark Harbor is open every weekend until Halloween night from 7 p.m. to midnight. General admission is $35 and front-of-the-line Fright Passes are $55. Special student prices of $25 will be available from Oct. 8-10 and Oct. 15-17. The Queen Mary is located at 1126 Queen's Highway.

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