History of a Haunting - Success at Last!

Last year, Sue St.Clair and Matthew Didier's Paranormal Blog showcased a Canadian Television pilot entitled History of a Haunting.

The newly announced show had a host of unfamiliar faces, virtual nobodies, save for a widely used actor from the now-defunct and ridiculously cheesy showcase of Canadian paranormal: Creepy Canada.

The authors, titled the blog entry as:

History of a Haunting: ANOTHER Media Letdown Before Production Even Starts...

(Visit The Blog Entry Here and View Comments)

What the authors probably did not know is how absurd and disturbing the whole production would be and how the story would unfold. At first amused by the whole idea of History of a Haunting, the paranormal community quickly were insulted by the rationale, the production and the personalities involved. And the paranormal community quickly uncovered the lies.

In 2010, the producers, decided that they would bring the show to the Banff World Television Festival. They paid to attend. Enough Said.

According to Nathan Chamberland it was a success! Read on...

Timeline of History of a Haunting: From Innocent Stupidity to Retarded

  1. History of a Haunting producers post ads to attract actors to play major roles on their reality TV show.
  2. The producers post an ad looking for a scriptwriter for the reality TV show.
  3. Casting call results are poor, friends are put in lead roles instead. They have zero experience in anything paranormal, or with investigating, however, they are portrayed as "Team Leaders" and "Lead Investigators"
  4. Cast is a trance medium named Shane Flannigan, who goes by the stage name Zoltach or Sayge, who also doubles as a clown named Soupy. (No, I am not making this up!)
  5. Another psychic was hired on to the production - Shelly Murdock, of Niagara Falls.
  6. Matthew Didier posts his blog entry alerting the paranormal community.
  7. Production begins for the pilot episode. According to Shelly Murdock, the producers and actors were drinking while on set.
  8. Shelly Murdock says she exposed Zoltach as a fraud on set, but producers decided to "let her go" with the excuse that "she does not look good on camera."
  9. Matthew Didier's Blog Post attracts readership and comments. One, notably from Nathan Chamberland himself, the show's "producer".
  10. Blog comments quickly establish that Nathan Chamberland is out of his league. His feeble attempts to defend the show quickly turn to anger.
  11. Shelly Murdock is officially "fired" from the show.
  12. Photos and the address of the first house appear on the History of a Haunting web site revealing its location of a private home and a private individual.
  13. Shelly Murdock comes forward and suggests the show is fake, and that Zoltach is a fraud. She publicly answered questions here: The Shadows Project Forum
  14. The homeowners, disgusted by the production and the lack of reality refuse to let the film production film another scene in there home. The production uses another house and property as a double and bills it as the first home.
  15. Shelly Murdock says she was harassed and threatened by the production team.
  16. Producers were asked repeatedly to join in the discussion and defend their show - to which they refused.
  17. A promo appears on Youtube with poor viewership and negative comments.
  18. Another promo for "The Team Leader" appears, again with poor viewership and negative comments.
  19. With marketing ideas lacking, the team turns to forums on Bloody Disgusting and Fangoria to drum up an audience. It fails.
  20. The producers claim to have a historian dig up clues from the past. However, no historian is featured and no name is given. The public calls it BS.
  21. Nathan Chamberland, the shows front man, appears on the Shadows Project Forum to defend himself.
  22. Nathan suggests he and his show are there to help people, however he cannot answer how he can help a homeowner.
  23. Nathan Chamberland finds himself entangled in his own web of lies and is exposed continuously by posters on the forum.
  24. Nathan admits that he made "one hundred mistakes" in the production of the first pilot.
  25. Nathan gets ripped apart by Creepy Bastard on the TSP forum.
  26. Enter Divine Intervention. Zoltach (also known as Sayge or Soupy) uses a fake alias to defend the show anonymously. He lies about his person and the show and is exposed quickly.
  27. Zoltach appears as Sayge and pretends he has never been on the forum. He is exposed as a liar.
  28. A Team Leader is chosen - an artist and friend of the group. He has zero experience.
  29. New psychics are added to the show - The Ghost Eliminators! They profit from providing clearing services to home owners. They are showcased on Youtube talking to the spirit of a stuffed tiger in Niagara Falls.
  30. Betty of the Ghost Eliminators appears on the forum and quickly gets ripped apart.
  31. TSP's thread on History of a Haunting is locked.
  32. The homeowners voice their complaints to History of a Haunting and want to their privacy back. They are also concerned that the team made things up and do not know the truth.
  33. History of a Haunting threatens the homeowners and decided to pull the plug and reshoot another pilot episode.
  34. The web site www.historyofahaunting.com vanishes.
  35. Spoof videos of History of a Haunting appear on Youtube and elsewhere.
  36. Another pilot episode is produced using a friends house as the backdrop.
  37. A pilot episode is released via the new History of a Haunting web site.
  38. Viewers including their own family memebers complain of viruses, malware and pornography infecting their computers once they viewed the video.
  39. History of a Haunting leaves the pilot episode up - infecting the viewers computers.
  40. Views are low and comments negative about the production.
  41. The History of a Haunting web site goes down again.
  42. Nathan Chamberland announces that History of a Haunting is nominated for a Rocky Award (sic Rockie Award) at the Banff World Television Festival. What he fails to mention is the festival takes on any pilot IF you pay the registration fee.
  43. Psyched a fundraiser is created to sent Nathan and friends to Alberta.
  44. Audience members and those present laugh at the production.
  45. Nathan Chamberland returns home to Niagara licking his wounds but announces that the intention was NOT to win an award at the award show.
So what is next for History of a Haunting?

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."
-Albert Einstein

History of a Haunting's Team Leader

Teaser Trailer for History of a Haunting:

Here is the Redeveloped Pilot Episode:


Sue St Clair June 18, 2010 at 4:10 PM  

It definitely did take a bizarre turn didn't it!

You know in my opinion had they been honest from the get-go and maybe did a reality show based on a group of Niagara area actors/musicians who have decided to look into some hauntings it may have been interesting. Heck I would have even played up the acting bit by starting them out on their first investigation in a haunted theatre. We could have learned as they grew and learned....BUT heck what do I know I'm just a tv viewer and paranormal enthusiast supposedly the type they'd want to target.

Instead they managed to insult the intelligence of people who do take the subject of ghosts seriously....perhaps they should try to understand their target audience a little bit better in the future.

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