The Wheatland House

By John Savoie

On a lonely road, overtaken by nature and the unforgiving prairie landscape, a house appears to have weathered over a 100 years of life only to be left abandoned and empty.

The farmhouse in Wheatland County has attracted the attention of myself and a few sensitive individuals over the course of the last two years.

On one impromptu scouting trip we arrived close to 11pm as the sun made its way over the rocky mountains and darkness covered the land. The house reflected the last rays of the warm rays and cast eerie shadows across its yard.

We peaked inside the windows and we listened. A friend noticed a wispy smoke-like movement from one side of the front bedroom to the hallway. He immediately backed off and went around the other side of the house and with a frantic voice said, "I'm not going in there."

I felt an energy also. One that pulled me in to investigate and also one that warned me to stay away. I chose my gut instincts and followed my friend around the side of the house and took a few pictures and decided to come back for a full investigation another day.

On June 29, 2009 I made my way back to the property and brought along with me a psychic and also my investigating equipment. I arrived during daylight hours to take full advantage of my surroundings.

I made my way through a tangle of shrubs, bushes and trees as a falcon screetched above in the cloudless sky. I found the front door and opened it slowly, cautiously, in preparation to meet any animal or circumstance. The main living area was in terrible shape with a red sofa against one wall.

The front bedroom door was closed and did not feel inviting. I turned and walked into the living space and snapped a few pictures of this room and the window which overlooked the western sky. This room felt lonely, but did not feel threatening or haunted.

I quickly turned and once again looked to the closed door. Something was in that room...I could feel it. But I didn't open that door, not yet. Something was warning me deep inside and I could sense it. Someone was keeping that door shut for a reason. It held a secret.

I made my way to the back of the house where I found a second bedroom, a kitchen and a mudroom. The mudroom held a feeling of hard work, loneliness and longing.

I returned once again to the front of the house and concentrated on the door and what lay beyond. There was something behind it. A spirit. I could sense him. I snapped a picture of the door and then proceeded to open the door.

I opened the door feeling a rush of a spirit wash over me and then dissipate as if it did not want to be sensed nor disturbed. The room was small and had one board covered window. It also contained the stairs leading to the crawlspace under the house. I waited in this room, recorder, camera, video tape and EMF detector all activated, but the spirit who was guarding this room was gone.

In this room with no view, in the crawlspace on the left side ledge was a single, silver key dating back to the turn of the century. What was it for? Was this the guarded object?

My companion psychic never entered the house. Instead she remained outside and said she was not welcome inside.

I made my way around the property and we walked the acreage noting an old site for a vegtable garden. Dark clouds covered the sun and night was fast approaching. In the back yard I found the skull of a young cow - perhaps the dinner of a coyote or perhaps a warning.

Below are additional photos of the house:


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